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7.5-250kw Screw Air Compressor Intake Valve

7.5-250kw Screw Air Compressor Intake Valve

screw compressor Intake Valve with rational, beautiful and environment design. Rigorous treated on noise reduction, opening, closing and sealing. 

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 Air Filter
Air Compressor Spare Parts Air Filter

Filter media: filter element adopts many kinds of materials, such as glass fiber, wood pulp filter paper , stainless steel sinter fiber web and stainless steel wire woven. Nominal filtration rating: 0.01μ ~ 1000μ Operating pressure:21bar-210bar (Hydraulic Liquid Filtration) The critical fact for the proper operation of the engine is to keep the lubricating oil clean, or to ensure no corrosive impurity inside the lubrication oil.

 Air Oil Separator
Replacement Air Oil Separator Element for Air Compressor Parts

Air Oil Separator is a key component that determines the quality of compressed air in screw air compressors. Our Air Oil Separator is made of ultra-fine glass fiber composite filter material, which has high filtration efficiency, long life, high temperature resistance, good oil removal and purification effect, and pressure difference. Low-level features.

 Oil Filter
Air Compressor Parts Oil Filter

Oil Filter is located in the main engine's lubrication system, and its role is to filter out solid particles, magazines, and oily substances in the special oil of the air compressor to protect the safe operation of the main engine.

air compressor air end
Screw Air Compressor Air End

High Quality Screw Air Compressor Spare Part Baosi Screw Air End  1. The whole series of rotors are processed by KAPP grinder imported from Germany, with high precision and high efficiency. 2. It can be driven by belt or directly connected, and the application is flexible and convenient. 3. The optimized design of the host structure makes the overall structure more compact and beautiful.

Air Filter for Screw Air Compressor
Precision Compressed Air Filter for Screw Air Compressor

The principle of the compressed air filter of an air compressor: the compressed air passes through the filter element, and some solid particles are blocked by the filter element, so that the content of solid particles in the compressed air is reduced, and part of the water is concentrated and removed when it passes through the filter. The filter filters out impurities and oil in the gas to ensure the cleanliness of the incoming gas. The filter filters out solid dust and liquid moisture and oil droplets through the precise spatial network structure of the filter.

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High Output Concrete Spraying Machine Wet Shotcrete Robot for Tunnel Construction

TUC3016A/B mechanized concrete spraying manipulator is specially designed for spraying concrete projects under difficult construction conditions. Designed to automatically perform wet and dry sprayed concrete construction. This machine is very suitable for slope stabilization or mining and tunnel construction that require small manipulators. The wireless remote control can be used to provide complete mobility and improved safety by allowing the operator to stay away from newly excavated rocks and newly sprayed concrete.

zeolite oxygen generator
High Purity Zeolite Molecular Sieve Psa Oxygen Generator

PSA oxygen generators can be widely used in steel cutting, oxygen-enriched combustion, hospital oxygen, glass production, papermaking and other industries and fields. Different users in different industries use different oxygen. Requirements, provide personalized and professional oxygen production equipment to fully meet the gas requirements of different users. Pressure swing adsorption oxygen production equipment it has the advantages of low equipment cost, small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low operating cost, fast on-site oxygen production, convenient switching, and pollution-free. It can be suitable for steel cutting, rich Oxygen-assisted combustion, hospital oxygen, etc. and cryogenic oxygen equipment high purity of oxygen, long service life of the equipment.

air compressor with tank
15kw 20hp Industrial Screw Air Compressor With Dryer And Air Tank

all in one ntegrates the main components of air compression systems such as screw compressors,dryers,precision filters.

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