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7.5kw 10hp Portable Electric Screw Air Compressor

7.5kw 10hp Portable Electric Screw Air Compressor

The cheapest portable electric screw air compressor with air storage tank

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7.5kw 10hp Portable Electric Screw Air Compressor

Product Details

Combining the characteristics of the mine, the newly developed environmental protection and energy saving type, convenient to move, electric screw air compressor, small reciprocating air compressor replacement and upgrade. Make your production building more humane and professional, and provide great convenience for your mine construction.

1. Excellent host side: The host adopts the third-generation asymmetrical gear shape, the main rotor has five gears, and the auxiliary rotor has six gears. The difference is small and the return loss is small. Compared with ordinary screw air compressors, the volumetric efficiency is increased by nearly 20%. , Saving about 25% of electricity bills.

2. The rotor is an asymmetrical shape, supported by ball bearings and rod-type ball bearings, running at low speed, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the service life of the host.

3. Intake valve: computer control, stable and reliable exhaust volume, intake control valve can make the motor's exhaust volume and power consumption change with changes in air consumption, achieving energy saving, power saving, and energy saving Purpose.

4. Oil and gas separator: The threaded design of the oil and gas separator is convenient for disassembly and assembly. The separator core can separate the remaining oil in the compressed air process. The remaining oil after separation is about 1-2ppm, which will increase the cleanliness of the compressed air and reduce the Contamination of compressed air and equipment.

5. Oil filter: The high-efficiency oil separator can remove impurities in the lubricating oil and provide clean lubricating oil for the rotor and bearings.

6. Cooling system: The designed ultra-cold zone ensures normal operation under high temperature and high temperature environment. The transmission performance is good, the flow resistance is small, and the water quality requirements are low. Easy to clean, no special cleaning fluid is needed.

7. Motor: F-class isolation, IP54 protection level, imported SKF durable bearings, can run all day.

8. Temperature control valve: specially designed for high ambient temperature and high air humidity, during cold start, the hot valve makes the system reach the best working temperature as soon as possible, and maintains the constant temperature and viscosity of the lubricating oil to prevent condensation of vaporized gas and lubricate Oil emulsification can prolong the service life of lubricating oil, main engine rotor, bearing and other parts.

Product Parameter

Technical parameters of portable electric screw air compressor

Model SGY7.5 SGY15 SGY30
Power 7.5kw 15kw 30kw
Displacement 1.1m³/min 2.3m³/min 5m³/min
Exhaust pressure 8/10/13bar 8/10/13bar 8/10/13bar
Dimensions 1550*500*1050mm 1730*730*1320mm 1800*915*1200mm
Weight 300kg 400kg 600kg
Cooling Method Air Cooling Air Cooling Air Cooling
Drive Way Direct Drive Direct Drive Direct Drive
Noise 65±2dB 65±2dB 76±2dB
Lubricating oil quantity 6L 6L 20L
Exhaust gas temperature ≤45℃ ≤45℃ ≤45℃
Ambient temperature ﹣5~+45℃ ﹣5~+45℃ ﹣5~+45℃
Motor protection level IP54 IP23 IP54
Outlet pipe diameter G3/4 G1 G1
Company Information


Q1: What is the rotor speed of the main engine?
A1: 2980rmp.
Q2: What is your delivery time?
A2: Usually, 5-7 days. (OEM order: 15 days)
Q3: Can you provide water-cooled air compressors?
A3: Yes, we can (usually air-cooled).
Q4: What is the payment deadline?
A4: T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. We can also accept USD, RMB and other currencies.
Q5: Do you accept customized voltage?
A5: Yes. 380V/50Hz/3ph, 380V/60Hz/3ph, 220V/50Hz/3ph, 220V/60Hz/3ph, 440V/50Hz/3ph, 440V/60Hz/3ph, or according to your requirements.
Q6: What is your air compressor warranty?
A6: One year for the whole machine (excluding consumable spare parts), technical support can be provided according to your needs.
Q7: Can you accept OEM orders?
A7: Yes, OEM orders are warmly welcome.
Q8: How about your customer service and after-sales service?
A8: 24-hour online support, 48-hour problem solving commitment.
Q9: Do you have spare parts?
A9: Yes, we have.
Q10: What is the initial lubricant you use on the air compressor?
A10: A total of 46# mineral oil.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.