Advantages and disadvantages of twin screw compressor structure

  • 2022-03-04

Advantages and disadvantages of twin screw compressor structure


1. The main advantages of twin screw compressors


(1) Good dynamic balance. The screw compressor has no unbalanced inertial force, and runs smoothly without foundation. For example, as a mobile compressor, it has the advantages of small size, light weight and small footprint.

(2) High reliability. The screw compressor has a simple structure, few parts, and no wearing parts such as air valve and piston ring. Its main friction parts such as "rotors, bearings, etc., have high strength and wear resistance, and good lubrication conditions, so it operates reliably and has a long service life. The screw compressor has a high degree of automation. After technical transformation, it can realize unmanned operation on duty operation.

(3) Strong adaptability. The screw compressor has the characteristics of forced gas delivery, and the volume flow is almost unaffected by the exhaust pressure, which can be applied to various working conditions.

(4) Single-stage pressure ratio is high. Under the same pressure ratio, the exhaust temperature is lower than that of the reciprocating machine, so the single-stage pressure ratio is high.

 (5) Have a variety of adjustment methods. It can meet the requirements of working conditions in many ways. Measures such as variable speed regulation, suction flow regulation, stop-run control when driven by electricity, bypass regulation, and slide valve regulation especially for refrigeration compressors can be adopted.

 (6) Compressible multiphase mixed media. Because there are gaps on the tooth surfaces of the male and female rotors of the machine, it is resistant to liquid impact, and can be pressurized to send liquid gas, dust gas and gas that is easy to gather.


Second, the main disadvantages of twin screw compressors


(1) The processing accuracy is high and the cost is expensive. The main reason is that the rotor tooth surface is a space curved surface, which requires special tools to be processed on special equipment. In addition, the cylinder machining accuracy is required to be high.

(2) Not suitable for high pressure occasions. Limited by the rotor stiffness and bearing life, the exhaust pressure of the machine generally does not exceed 3Mpa.

(3) Not suitable for small displacement occasions. The machine relies on the gap to seal the gas. Generally, the machine has superior performance when the volume flow is greater than 0.2m3/min.

(4) large noise .

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