Air storage tank can extend the service life of the air compressor

  • 2022-01-07

Why install a gas storage tank?

Can the air compressor not be equipped with a gas storage tank? Many people have had this question, so why can you see the gas tank where the air compressor is installed? Today we will take a look at the relationship between air compressors and gas storage tanks.

It is theoretically achievable if an air compressor is not equipped with an air storage tank. However, if an air tank is not equipped, it will cause repeated loading and unloading of the air compressor as soon as it is turned on, and the air compressor is stopped and turned on again, which greatly increases the operating burden of the air compressor. Cause serious energy waste.

Therefore, the way the air compressor is not equipped with a gas storage tank will not be used in practical applications. The operation of the air compressor is at a rated pressure. The air storage tank is used to store compressed air. When the pressure of the air storage tank is less than the rated pressure of the air compressor, the air compressor will continue to work, effectively avoiding frequent air compressors Loading and unloading problems

The function of air compressor equipped with air storage tank is:

1. Buffer and stabilize the compressed air output by the air compressor, eliminate or reduce the pulsation of the air compressor output air pressure, extend the cycle period of the air compressor "start-stop" or "load-unload", and reduce the switching frequency of electrical valves Degree; to prevent malfunctions and damages caused by the compressed air pipe returning gas for some reason during the shutdown of the air compressor and backfilling it into the air compressor.

2. Since the gas storage tank is a cylindrical radiator with a large area, the incoming gas swirls in the tank and attached to the wall, which can cool the compressed air, and precipitate moisture, dust and impurities and fall on the bottom of the gas storage tank. And it is more conducive to dewatering and decontamination.

3. It can be equipped with the following equipment supporting the air compressor: aftercooler, refrigerated dryer, air filter and other equipment to form a purified compressed air power source (station) for industrial production.

4. The miniature air compressor, with its own gas storage tank, is also used as the installation base frame for the compressor body and other accessories. Since the flow rate (gas consumption) used at the end of the compressed air system cannot be equal and stable output, the gas storage tank should be used to store a certain amount of gas to balance and stabilize the pressure of the system. In front of the gas storage tank, the pulsation of the air compressor can be reduced, and the frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor can be avoided. After the gas storage tank, the pulsation of compressed air output can be reduced, and the system pressure drop caused by the temporary air flow cannot be kept up, the larger peak value can be adjusted and the system output pressure can be stabilized.

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