Analyze the working principle of the scroll air compressor

  • 2021-10-12

Analyze the working principle of the scroll air compressor

The scroll air compressor is the latest air compressor developed in recent years. Compared with the traditional air compressor, it has novel structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, long life, smooth and continuous air delivery, and operation With a series of excellent technical performances such as simplicity and low maintenance cost, it is an ideal model for air compressors below 50HP.

The scroll air compressor is formed by the meshing of the moving and static scrolls of two double function equations. In the process of suction, compression, and exhaust, the static plate is fixed on the frame, and the moving plate is driven by the eccentric shaft and controlled by the anti-rotation mechanism. It rotates in a plane with a small radius around the center of the base circle of the static plate. The gas is sucked into the periphery of the static plate through the air filter element, and as the eccentric shaft rotates, the gas is gradually compressed in the several crescent-shaped compression chambers combined by the moving and static plate, and then continuously discharged from the axial hole of the central part of the static plate.


Features of scroll air compressor:

1. High reliability.

The scroll compressor has fewer main components, which is 1/8 of the number of piston engines, and the reduction of the number of parts is a key element to improve reliability.

The gyration radius is small and the linear velocity is only 2m/s, so the wear is small, the mechanical efficiency is high, and the vibration is small.

The scientifically controlled whole machine system ensures the improvement of stability.

2. Lowest noise.

Because there is no suction valve, exhaust valve and complicated movement mechanism, the knocking sound of the valve plate and the blasting sound of the air flow are eliminated, and the noise is sharply reduced. Suction and exhaust are continuous and stable, more than 6000 times per minute, so that the airflow pulsation is extremely small.

A 20HP (15KW) scroll air compressor has a noise of only 62dbA, which enables it to be installed and used anywhere, saving a lot of installation costs and more in line with environmental protection requirements.

3. The lowest energy consumption.

Because of the suction boosting effect and no clearance volume, the volumetric efficiency of the scroll air compressor is as high as 98%. Because several working cavities are gradually compressed, the pressure difference between adjacent working cavities is very small, so naturally there is very little leakage. A compression process is divided into several compressions, and the thermal efficiency is high.

There are no suction and exhaust valves, so the resistance loss of intake and exhaust is almost zero. There is no friction and abrasion of the moving mechanism, and the mechanical efficiency is high. This is the main reason why the scroll compressor is more energy-saving than other air compressors. For example: (1 set of 20HP15KW) scroll air compressor works 6,000 hours a year, saving electricity costs up to 18,000 yuan.

4. The maintenance cost is the lowest.

The host has fewer parts and fewer wearing parts, which greatly reduces the possibility of parts replacement. At the same time, the replacement period of spare parts is long, easy to use, less maintenance workload, and low maintenance cost.


Specific performance of characteristics:

1 extremely low noise

2 Very low maintenance costs-maintenance costs are lower than any air compressor

3Extremely low operating costs

4 Very low oil content

5 Extremely high reliability-claimed to be a maintenance-free air compressor

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