3 minutes to learn air compressor stable operation skills

3 minutes to learn air compressor stable operation skills

  • 2022-02-23

01: Switching sequence

1. Before starting the machine, check whether there is oil leakage in the air compressor pipeline, whether the screws are loose, and confirm the power supply voltage.

2. Before starting the machine, check whether the cooling oil level of the oil drum is between the two marks. If the oil level is lower than the lower mark, add lubricating oil to the oil drum.

3. Before starting the machine, slightly open the drain ball valve under the oil and gas barrel to drain the condensed water in the oil and gas barrel. When you see oil flowing out, quickly close the ball valve.

4. Turn on: Turn on the refrigerated dryer first, press the ON button to let the dew point temperature reach 5 degrees or below, then turn on the air compressor (Note: the water cooler first opens the cooling water ball valve).

5. Turn on the air compressor: press the start button or the ON button. If the air compressor sounds abnormal or other emergency situations, please press the emergency stop button.

6. Turn on the adsorption dryer: Check whether the water in the gas storage tank and the precision filter is drained cleanly. When the pressure reaches 8 KG, open the ball valve and turn on the adsorption dryer.

8. Shut down: press the stop button or OFF, (the order of shutdown is to turn off the adsorption dryer first, then the air compressor, then the refrigerated dryer, then the ball valve, and then turn off the power). In non-emergency situations, please do not pull directly Brake and use the emergency stop button to stop.

9. If the laser machine is turned on: let the laser cutting head exhaust for 1 to 2 minutes, then take out the lens to see if it is polluted, wipe it clean with alcohol, and put it in to turn it on.

02: Precautions during operation

1. Observe the temperature displayed on the control panel, the normal value is between 80°C and 95°C.

2. The gas storage tank, precision filter, and refrigeration dryer with drain installed, check whether the drain is normal every 4 hours, if not drained, clean up in time; if there is no drain, please every 1-2 hours Manually drain once, and the filter drains once every 30 minutes.

3. Observe whether the three-phase current is balanced and whether the voltage is normal.

4. Observe the oil pipe joints and other oil leakage.

5. It is recommended to wipe the lens of the laser machine with alcohol every 4 hours.

03: Daily maintenance of air compressor

1. If there is a high temperature warning or other alarm displayed on the power-on panel, please check whether the oil level is normal (the power-on state should be between the two red lines, lower than the lower red line, or no oil can be seen, and the machine needs to be stopped and refilled from the fuel inlet) Check whether the radiator is blocked (check whether the radiator is transparent or dusty with a flashlight).

2. It is forbidden to mix lubricants of different brands and different manufacturers, and it is forbidden to use unqualified lubricants.

3. Keep the air circulation in the air compressor room, and the air compressor and the surrounding environment clean.

4. Every 2-4 days, shut down the machine to take out the air filter element, blow out the dust in the air filter element and the air filter cover from the inside to the outside, and then reinstall it. (Note: Replace the spare air filter element directly without stopping the machine for 24 hours).

5. Blow the air compressor radiator and all air inlets to prevent dust and the radiator of the refrigeration dryer every day/every shift. Clean the dust thoroughly every week by purging, electrical appliances, motors and disassembling the radiator cleaning plate. The water cooler cleans the heat transfer tube of the water-cooled cooler once every six months. (Note: to shut down and power off for cleaning, use dry gas to blow the radiator from the outside to the inside and open the door of the air compressor. After the radiator is blown, install the radiator cleaning plate).

6. The first warranty of the air compressor is to replace the lubricating oil, oil grid, and air filter. The time is 500 hours or 3 months, and the major warranty is 1 year or 3000 hours or depending on the viscosity of the lubricating oil. Replace the oil, oil, Oil grid, air filter. It is recommended that the activated alumina, molecular sieve and precision filter element of the adsorption dryer be 1 year or 3000 hours, or if the lubricating oil has a large moisture content, please replace it immediately.

7. Discharge the condensate water from the gas storage tank and precision filter regularly every day.

8. Add special motor grease to the front and rear ends of the motor regularly for half a year or 3000 hours (note): no need to refill for the integrated shaft).

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