Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Analysis of nine common failures of screw air compressors

Analysis of nine common failures of screw air compressors

  • 2021-12-31

The screw air compressor has the characteristics of simple structure, small size and light weight. Its exhaust is continuous, exhaust pulsation is small, vibration is small, and it has low requirements for installation foundation; it has fewer wearing parts, convenient use and maintenance; compact and stable structure. Many advantages such as good performance, reliable operation, long life, etc., are more and more widely used in various industries and become one of the main equipment for providing compressed air sources in industrial production.

Next, let's analyze the eight common faults of screw air compressors?

1. The outlet temperature or exhaust temperature of the compressor head is high

Excessive temperature rise is a common failure during the operation of screw air compressors, and high temperature shutdown failures will occur. The reasons are: temperature sensor failure, environmental temperature factors, temperature control valve failure, oil filter failure, oil cut valve failure, insufficient lubricating oil, and cooling fan failure.

2. The output exhaust pressure is too low

If the actual air consumption is greater than the air output of the unit, the connected equipment and pipe network should be checked, and if there is a leak, it should be repaired in time. Set the unloading pressure value correctly to give full play to efficiency. The air filter element is dirty and clogged. The solenoid valve is malfunctioning. The control air hose is leaking. The intake valve does not act sensitively and is not fully opened. The oiler separator is blocked. The safety valve is leaking. The vent valve is malfunctioning.

3. The output exhaust pressure is too high

The intake valve is malfunctioning. The setting of loading and unloading pressure is unreasonable. The pressure sensor is faulty. The unloading valve is not closed.

4. Frequent load unloading

The pressure difference between loading and unloading of the pressure controller is too small. The pressure sampling tube is blocked or leaking. Actual production air consumption is unstable. The minimum pressure valve is not closed in time or closed tightly. The loading control solenoid valve is faulty. The pressure sensor that controls the start and stop of the unit is faulty or damaged.

5. The compressor unit has not been unloaded after being loaded

The actual production air consumption is greater than the air production of the compressor unit. Check whether there is air leakage in the connecting pipe network. Check whether the loading and unloading solenoid valve is active or damaged. Check whether the intake valve of the compressor unit is tightly closed. Check whether there is leakage in the drain valve of the gas-water separator. Check the safety valve and oiler separator for internal leakage.

6. Excessive fuel consumption or the discharged compressed air contains oil

Too much fuel. The failure of the minimum pressure spring caused the opening pressure to be too low. The oil separator filter element is blocked or damaged. The oil return pipe of the oil separator is blocked. The air cooler system has a leak. The oil has been used for an extended period of time and the oil quality has deteriorated.

7. The moisture content of the output compressed air

The water separator/condensate drain valve is damaged. The condensate drain valve or its pipe is blocked. Improper installation of condensate drain pipe or drain valve.

8. The compressor unit has large vibration

Parts appear loose. The motor or main engine bearing is damaged. The foundation of the compressor unit is loose or there are other equipment in the area that resonate with the unit.

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