Analysis of the influence of compressed air system selection on energy saving

Analysis of the influence of compressed air system selection on energy saving

  • 2021-12-31

1. Definition of compressed air system

The production and use of compressed air is not achieved by a single air compressor, but by a compressed air system.

A typical compressed air system consists of the following parts: air compressor, air storage tank, dryer (refrigerated or adsorption type), filter (including oil-water separator, pre-filter, de-oil filter, deodorizing filter, extinguisher) Bacteria filters, etc.), stabilized gas storage tanks, automatic drains and gas pipelines, pipeline valves, control instruments, pneumatic tools, pneumatic power machinery, process flow using compressed air, etc.

According to the different needs of users, the above-mentioned equipment can be equipped with different compressed air system equipment to form a complete compressed air system. Compressed air system evaluation should consider all aspects of compressed air production, purification, storage and transportation, and use. Customers buy and use compressed air, not air compressors, dryers or filters, but compressed air systems.

2. Purpose of compressed air system

Customers buy and use compressed air systems for a clear purpose: to "make money." The compressed air system is a tool for making money, or it may be a tool for losing money. Therefore, the original intention of customers when buying and using compressed air is not to "save money" first. "Energy saving" is meaningless for the supply and demand parties before they reach a consensus on "making money" on compressed air.

If you want to make money from compressed air, you must first meet customers' needs for compressed air. Therefore, the selection of compressed air systems is particularly important. The nine-step principle of compressed air system selection can scientifically and systematically satisfy customers' desire to purchase and use compressed air to make money.

After the first eight steps in the selection of the compressed air system are completed, the customer will be able to make money. Therefore, in order for customers not to lose money, the first eight steps of compressed air system selection must be taken. At this time, in order to make more money, the compressed air system selection can enter the ninth step: energy saving.

3. The significance of compressed air energy saving

The times promote product upgrading, and good products lead the development of the times. Compressed air promotes the development of modern industry and has become the fourth indispensable energy system. Therefore, the quality and energy saving of compressed air has attracted more and more attention from customers, and it is also the key for us to help customers select models. A single choice of high-precision purification equipment or energy-saving air compressors cannot fully meet customer needs. The quality and energy saving of compressed air systems tailored to customers are the prerequisites for successful cooperation between supply and demand.

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