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Screw Air Compressor

Analysis on the Causes of the Tripping Failure of the Safety Valve of the Screw Air Compressor

Analysis on the Causes of the Tripping Failure of the Safety Valve of the Screw Air Compressor

  • 2021-08-06

Recently, I have encountered the same problem as a customer inquiries: the safety valve of the air compressor frequently jumps and the oil is sprayed. I don't know where the problem is? Through many years of service experience, it is concluded that the main factors of the safety valve take-off failure of the screw air compressor are the following four aspects:

1. The large oil partial pressure difference causes the safety valve to jump

The large oil partial pressure difference causes the pressure before separation to exceed the safety valve take-off pressure, and the safety valve takes off protectively. The large pressure difference in short-term use of the oil is mainly caused by the contamination or deterioration of the oil. When the oil is separated from the oil and compressed air, the oil contaminants are also retained on the filter material, which increases the resistance and the pressure difference. . Main sources of pollutants: 1. Intake system:2. Oil product system; 3. Long-term high-temperature operation of the machine produces coking and carbon deposits; 4. Long-term low-temperature operation of the machine or low start-up rate results in high water content in the oil barrel.

2. The safety valve fails to open ahead of time

When the air compressor safety valve jumps, it is necessary to verify the pressure when the safety valve jumps. If the machine has not been unloaded before the pressure safety valve is opened in advance, then it is necessary to pay attention to the pressure value of the pressure gauge at the machine panel or the oil barrel at this time, which is safety The valve's take-off pressure.

Handling suggestion: Replace the new safety valve. The screw air compressor safety valve is best replaced by the air compressor maintenance personnel. This will not only ensure the safety of customers, but also ensure that the screw air compressor will not be damaged by misoperation. Affect the service life.

3. The machine is not unloaded, and it has been loaded beyond the take-off pressure of the safety valve

When the air compressor is loaded to a certain pressure, it will be unloaded, and the pressure will not keep rising. If the unloading pressure is displayed on the machine panel and the machine is still loading, then the pressure will continue to rise at this time, exceeding the safety valve take-off pressure, the safety valve The jump was accompanied by a loud bang, and gas was sprayed out.

Handling suggestion: Check the small piston or solenoid valve for loading and unloading of the machine, and replace with a new one if necessary.

4.the air outlet is not smooth, resulting in abnormal airflow fluctuations

There is a foreign body in the air outlet that causes the machine to not vent smoothly. When this happens, the safety valve will intermittently jump off, sometimes several hours, sometimes several days or even longer. For example, the minimum pressure valve is not sensitive, and the machine's air outlet pipe is accidentally blocked.

Treatment suggestion: carefully check the minimum pressure valve, whether there is any rupture inside the air outlet steam trap, etc. to determine one by one.

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