Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Analysis on the maintenance experience of screw air compressor

Analysis on the maintenance experience of screw air compressor

  • 2021-11-02

As a general-purpose equipment for industrial production, screw air compressors are widely used in all walks of life in industrial production and play an important role in ensuring the normal operation of production.

1. Prepare before booting

Before starting the machine, complete the preparation of the post-processing equipment, check whether the refrigerant pressure of the refrigerated dryer is normal, and confirm whether the refrigerated dryer starts working normally? Does the dryer start working normally? Is the drainage at the bottom of the air tank and each filter normal? Then open the ball valve between the air storage tank, refrigeration dryer, adsorption dryer, filter and other components and the air compressor to ensure that the compressed air post-processing main line system can be smoothly ventilated. Immediately prepare the air compressor for inspection, check whether the oil level of the machine is normal, whether there is oil leakage, and whether there are obstacles around the unit. If it is a water-cooled machine, first open the cooling water valve, open the cooling water pump, and confirm that the cooling water inlet pressure is normal, generally 0.2-0.4 kg. Then power on to ensure that the unit has the starting conditions, and then start again. If the machine has been shut down for a long time and part of the lubricating oil of the oil circuit system flows into the oil separator, it is best to start the machine several times to avoid unnecessary malfunctions (such as high temperature, overload and tripping).

2. Control the operating temperature and exhaust pressure of the machine, and do a good job of daily management and recording of the machine.

The operating temperature of the machine is best controlled between 75-90℃, and the operating temperature should not be too low, because too low temperature is not conducive to the timely evaporation and discharge of water in the compressed air. Excessive water accumulation in the lubricating oil system will reduce the lubricating oil. destroy the structure of the oil filter material and quality , and then cause hidden dangers to the stable operation of the machine; too high operating temperature is not conducive to the use of lubricating oil, which will cause a negative chain reaction to other parts and affect the use of the machine. The exhaust pressure of the machine should best be set under the guidance of the factory personnel in combination with the user's air consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of good air usage and low energy consumption.

Daily management of the machine: After the machine is turned on and running, the on-site personnel of the user check the machine oil level, operating temperature, exhaust pressure, pay attention to the vibration and noise of the machine, whether there is air leakage and oil leakage, measure the voltage and current of the motor; discharge the air storage tank and drain every morning And post-processing the condensed water of the refrigeration dryer, filter, adsorption dryer and other components, and observe the discharge of condensate (for cold weather, the water in the air tank, filter and other components should be removed when the machine is shut down. Keep them clean to avoid freezing and cracking of some parts); purge the cooler, fuselage, and air filter frequently to keep the environment of the machine room clean, and regularly add grease to the motor.

Record: Each machine corresponds to a ledger, and keep a record of the maintenance, operation and maintenance of air compressors, refrigeration dryers and adsorption dryers.

3. Do a good job in inventory and management of spare parts and consumables

The management of machine spare parts is an important part of the production and operation of an enterprise, and it is essential to control the maintenance time and cost. A reasonable reserve of spare parts can enable the equipment to be overhauled as planned, minimize downtime and reduce repair costs. Commonly used spare parts for screw air compressors include air filter, oil filter, oil separation core, special lubricating oil, temperature control valve maintenance package, intake valve maintenance package, minimum pressure valve maintenance package, filter element, drainer, etc. Corporate management personnel should actively communicate and cooperate with suppliers to solve actual needs. By managing spare parts according to the number of internal equipment, operating conditions, use time, etc.

The main purposes of spare parts management are: 1. Ensure the normal operation of the machine to meet the needs of production and equipment maintenance; 2. Prevent unqualified spare parts from entering the factory, and eliminate the loss caused by the quality of spare parts; 3. Reduce the sudden failure of equipment Loss; 4. Improve the efficiency of production planning.

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