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Analysis on the quality requirements of sandblasting equipment for air compressors

Analysis on the quality requirements of sandblasting equipment for air compressors

  • 2021-11-11

In the machining industry, the metal surface usually needs to be powered by compressed air, the working pressure is not more than 0.8MPa, and the abrasive is used as the medium for surface treatment. The operating principle of the sand blasting machine is to use compressed air to flow at high speed to form negative pressure to produce ejection. The abrasive in the cyclone tank is sucked into the spray gun through the sand tube, and then sprayed at high speed by the nozzle along with the compressed air flow.Shot to the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of sandblasting. The sandblasting machine is used to remove rust on the metal surface, and complete the pretreatment processes before spraying and electroplating such as cleaning the rough surface of forged castings, welded parts, heat-treated parts, stamping parts and machined parts, such as descaling, residual salt and burrs. Compressed air is the main pneumatic power source of the sandblasting machine. Good compressed air quality is an important condition to ensure that the metal surface is not damaged by sandblasting.

Selection requirements of sandblasting machine to air compressor:

1 Large rotor, low speed, high performance air compressor is preferred;

2 The oil content of the air outlet of the air compressor is required to be 2-3ppm, and the oil and gas separator of the air compressor should be selected, and the oil removal effect should be better.

3 The sandblasting machine and the air compressor operate throughout the year. In order to ensure normal operation in summer without over-temperature, the oil cooler of the air compressor should be selected and the heat dissipation area should be larger.

4 In order to ensure the best operating efficiency, an independently designed internal pressure ratio and a model with a smaller specific power should be selected.

5 In order to ensure operating efficiency, an automatic displacement variable frequency air compressor is selected according to the actual situation of the user to realize intelligent control.

6 The compressor host should be selected without intermediate transmission; the direct drive increases the reliability and reduces the maintenance cost; the large rotor runs at a low speed, with higher efficiency, lower noise, lower vibration, and lower energy consumption.

7 It is advisable to choose a low-pressure screw compressor to adopt a high-efficiency oil-gas separation system to ensure that the oil content in the compressed air is below 3ppm, with high reliability and low oil content.

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