Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Common failures of air compressors and analysis of frequency conversion reformation

Common failures of air compressors and analysis of frequency conversion reformation

  • 2021-08-27

Due to the lack of understanding of air compressors by some business managers, the continuous operation of the air compressor is based on the principle of keeping the equipment in good condition and not repaired, resulting in long equipment running time but lack of maintenance, and failures may occur at any time.

1. The subjective cause of the accident

The management of the equipment supervisor is chaotic, and the air compressor is rated as a general power energy equipment. It should be a well-operated equipment to ensure comprehensive management and focus. According to the process control procedures, the equipment must be strictly controlled by a dedicated person. However, company managers often think that the air compressor operation and management personnel are redundant, and no special person is required to be responsible, which causes the regulators to not pay attention to and do not manage the phenomenon, resulting in frequent failures.

2. The objective cause of the accident

Various failures will occur during the operation of the air compressor:

(1) Unable to start. Causes of electrical failures or operating reasons;

(2) Low exhaust pressure. The air filter is blocked and the intake air volume is small or the intake valve is not fully opened;

(3) Exhaust oil content is too high. Excessive oil level of lubricating oil, clogging of oil return pipe filter, damage of oil and gas separator core, etc. cause the oil content of the gas to increase.

(4) The exhaust temperature is high.

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