Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Does the air compressor burn and explode?

Does the air compressor burn and explode?

  • 2021-09-02

Air compressors are prone to combustion and explosion accidents such as air storage tanks, air pipelines, cylinders, and fuselages.

Cause Analysis:

The supply of lubricating oil in the cylinder is too much, and the air containing a large amount of dust is sucked in the cylinder to form carbon deposits. Carbon deposits can block the piston ring in the ring groove, causing the valve to be unable to open and close normally, reducing the cross-section of the air flow channel and increasing the resistance. Under certain conditions, carbon deposits come into contact with air containing a large amount of volatiles and cause explosions. The pressure exceeds the allowable value, causing the stress of some components of the air compressor to exceed the fatigue limit and cause an explosion. air storage tanks and air pipelines are severely corroded, resulting in thinning of the wall thickness and strength reduction, and explosions due to the inability to withstand the set pressure.

Leakage of the exhaust valve causes high-temperature and high-pressure air to flow back into the cylinder, generating high temperatures near the exhaust valve, which will cause an explosion when there is carbon deposits.

The condensed oil and water in the cooler and the air storage tank were not discharged cleanly in time, and the local resistance of the compressed air pipeline and the end surface of the passage was too large, causing local stains or sparks and explosion.

After the air compressor is overhauled and installed, if it is not completely blown off, the pipes and valves between the air soup and the air storage tank will have stains and impurities, which will also cause combustion and explosion.

Treatment measures:

Keep the machine in good lubrication condition. Choose a suitable lubricant and control the amount of lubricant to make the amount of lubricant in the cylinder moderate. Regularly check the quality of lubricating oil, and change the lubricating oil regularly to improve the lubrication effect, so that the exhaust temperature does not exceed the standard. Remove stains regularly. High efficiency air filter is used to prevent foreign matter from entering the pipe network, remove the dirt in the filter in time, and frequently drain the cooler, air storage tank, oil-water separator, etc., to ensure that the system is unimpeded. In general, the air flow rate in the pipeline from the air compressor to the final cooler should not be less than 10m/s-12m/s.

Strengthen the protection of the pipe network. Appropriate anti-rust measures should be taken for air storage tanks and air pipelines to prevent contamination by corrosive substances. Check the rust condition of the pipe network frequently and find that the rust is serious. Derusting treatment should be carried out first, and then certain anti-rust measures should be taken.

Improve safety devices. Improve and adjust safety devices such as safety valves, alarms, and pressure regulators to ensure their reliable operation. Once an accident occurs and the operating parameters exceed the standard, it can take off, alarm or stop automatically.

Strengthen operation management. For the pre-job training of operators, they can only take up their posts after passing the assessment, and supervise them to operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, increase their sense of responsibility, and avoid safety accidents.

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