How the air compressor spends the hot summer

How the air compressor spends the hot summer

  • 2022-07-01

As summer approaches, air temperatures and humidity rise, and your air compressor will have more water load on the air handling. The air is more humid in summer, and at maximum compressor operating conditions in summer (50°), the water in the air is 650% higher than the maximum temperature (15°) in winter. The temperature rises, the working environment of the air compressor is more severe, and improper handling will cause high temperature jumps.

The machine is serious or even the lubricating oil is coked. Therefore, it is imperative to prepare your air compressor for the toughest challenges of the year!

In fact, take these quick and easy steps to keep your compressed air system safe through the summer:

1. Regularly replace the air filter

A clean air filter will keep the compressor running at a lower temperature and consume less energy. Dirty, clogged filters can cause a pressure drop, causing the compressor to run at a higher level to accommodate demand. Filter performance may also be affected by additional moisture,

So be sure to follow a regular 4000H maintenance schedule and add seasonal inspections.

2. Check ventilation & oil filter

With extra attention to air and oil filters in summer, it's important to check the compressor room and adjust ventilation and airflow as needed. This is also a good opportunity to check for pollen and other air pollutants that are prevalent in spring to ensure ventilation is kept clean before the summer heat hits.

The blockage of the oil filter will cause the lubricating oil to not be able to cool the heat generated by the compressed air in time, and will also cause the rotor to not be lubricated and cooled in time, resulting in greater economic losses. Here's a video of how the oil filter works:

3. Check the drain

Higher humidity in summer can cause more condensation to drain down the drain. Make sure the drains are clear and in working order so they can handle the increased condensate. When the rotor outlet temperature is lower than 75°, condensed water may be precipitated in the high-temperature and high-humidity gas during the compression process. At this time, the condensed water will mix with the lubricating oil and cause oil emulsification. Therefore, water should be treated before it is discharged directly to the drain. Check the filter and separator tank of the processing unit to make sure they are still running.

4. Clean the cooler

Imagine dressing in a sweater on a hot summer day - it affects how you sweat and how your body regulates body temperature. The same goes for your air compressor. The blockage of the cooler will cause the air compressor to be difficult to dissipate heat in the hot summer, resulting in high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the cooler is clean and regularly cleaned.

5. Adjust the water cooling system

In addition, a water-cooled air compressor can adjust the temperature of the water entering the cooling system to compensate for the increase in ambient temperature and ensure it is suitable for summer conditions.

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