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How the mining industry uses air compressors?

How the mining industry uses air compressors?

  • 2021-12-03

The mining industry, whether underground or open-pit mining, never rests. Mining is done under harsh conditions, and the mining process runs 24/7-usually in remote areas several miles from the nearest town. The key equipment used to power these processes is the air compressor. Learn more about how air compressors can help keep mining applications running properly below!

Air compressor for mining industry

The entire mining process, from exploration to ore processing, smelting and refining, uses some form of compressed air.

1.Drilling. On drilling equipment, compressed air provides power for rotating drill bits, which is similar to jackhammers.

A distributor or pipe located at the bottom of the storage tank introduces compressed air into the storage tank. The entire pipeline is equipped with small holes to ensure uniform air distribution.

2.Smelting and refining. Through the process of melting and heating, the metal is extracted from the ore. This usually occurs in processing plants/smelters close to mining operations and involves air compressors throughout the end-to-end process. However, refining is the process of improving the purity/grade of metals extracted from ore and other raw materials. During the refining process, compressed air helps to oxidize any additional alloy so that no material is wasted.

3.Tools and instruments. Pneumatic tools used in mining require clean, dry air (provided by an air compressor) to work. This ensures the normal operation of drill bits, pneumatic loaders, saws, wrenches, pneumatic loaders and other critical equipment components. The same applies to mining instruments!

4.blasting. Want to break rocks and other materials? Strictly controlling the use of explosives is one way to solve this problem. Compressed air helps this process by providing high-speed airflow to detonate the explosives.

5.ventilation system. Ever wondered how a miner can breathe safely in such a deep place underground? Compressed air can not only provide ventilation for deep mining operations, but also ensure that safe and clean air is available in places such as shelters in emergency situations.

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