How to deal with the high temperature shutdown of the air compressor?

How to deal with the high temperature shutdown of the air compressor?

  • 2021-07-21

There are many reasons for the abnormal shutdown of the air compressor. Excessive temperature is an important reason. Excessive temperature will cause some parts of the air compressor to fail to operate normally, resulting in shutdown.

Reason analysis of high temperature of screw air compressor:

① Insufficient amount of lubricating oil, incorrect specifications of lubricating oil, different viscosity;

② Insufficient amount of cooling water, low cooling water pressure, and high cooling water temperature;

③ The oil cut-off solenoid valve is not energized or the coil is damaged;

④ The high ambient temperature drives the high temperature of the whole machine;

⑤ The oil cooler is blocked;

⑥ For air-cooled screw air compressors, there is a failure of the cooling fan or damage to the cooling fan; the exhaust duct is not unblocked or the exhaust resistance is large;

⑦ The temperature control valve is faulty and does not work at the specified temperature;

⑧ Air filter is blocked

⑨ Oil filter is blocked

⑩ Temperature sensor failure

When our air compressor shuts down abnormally, we must check the relevant accessories and replace them in time, and also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the air compressor.

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