Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

How to extend the service life of your screw air compressor?

How to extend the service life of your screw air compressor?

  • 2021-08-27

Many factories believe that the maintenance of screw air compressors is maintenance of 3 filters and 1 engine oil in 2000hrs. But this is only basic maintenance. In-depth maintenance is divided into 5 stages. If you can do a good job of deep maintenance. Then your air compressor can have a longer service life.

Maintenance time and content of the air compressor.  

1. Maintenance time and content of screw air compressor:   

1. Run for 500 hours:   

After using the new machine, just started to replace the filter element of the oil filter.  

2. Running for 1000 hours:   

Check the movement of the intake valves, railings and moving parts, and add grease.  

3. Running for 2000 hours or 6 months:   

Check the pipelines, replace the lubricating oil, and remove the oil stains, whichever comes first.  

4. Run 3000 hours or one year:   

Clean the intake and exhaust valves.  

2. Maintenance content of screw air compressor:  

1. Carefully check the movement sounds of the cylinders and moving parts at all levels, according to the "listening" to see if their working conditions are normal, stop and check if abnormal sounds are found;   

2. Pay attention to whether the indicated values of pressure gauges at all levels, the pressure gauges on the gas tank and the cooler, and the lubricating oil pressure gauge are within the specified range;   

3. Check whether the cooling water temperature and flow are normal;   

4. Check the supply of lubricating oil and the lubrication system of the moving mechanism (some screw air compressors are equipped with plexiglass baffles on the side of the crosshead guide rail of the fuselage, and you can directly see the movement of the crosshead and the supply of lubricating oil. ); The oil discharge inspection of the cylinder and the packing can adopt one-way cutting, and can check the oil injection into the cylinder by the injector.  

5. Observe whether the oil level of the oil sump of the fuselage and the lubricating oil of the oiler are below the scale line. If it is low, refuel in time (need to stop the dipstick to check);   

6. Touch to check whether the temperature of the suction and exhaust cover at the transverse rail of the crankcase of the fuselage is normal;   

7. Pay attention to whether the motor temperature rise, bearing temperature, voltmeter, and ammeter are normal. The current should not exceed the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds, find the cause or stop and check;   

8. Frequently check whether the motor has debris or even conductive objects, whether the coil is damaged, whether there is friction between the stator and the rotor, otherwise the motor will burn out after the motor is started;   

9. If it is a water-cooled screw air compressor, if the water cannot be fed immediately after the water is cut off, it is necessary to avoid the cylinder rupture caused by uneven heating and cooling. After parking in winter, release the cooling water to avoid freezing and cracking of the cylinder;   

10. Check whether the air compressor vibrates and whether the anchor bolts are loose or fall off;   

11. Check whether the pressure regulator or load regulator and safety cut-off are sensitive;   

12. Pay attention to the sanitation of screw air compressor and its equipment and environment;   

13. Gas tanks, coolers and oil-water separators should always release oil and water;   

14. The lubricating machine used should be precipitated and filtered. Screw compressor oil should be used differently in winter and summer.

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