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Screw Air Compressor

How to prevent the screw air compressor from overheating?

How to prevent the screw air compressor from overheating?

  • 2021-10-22

Compressed air is an indispensable part of the daily operations of many companies. Once the air compressor is shut down, it may cause a lot of losses to the company. If the air compressor overheats, it needs to be repaired or replaced. There are many reasons for the overheating of the air compressor, but we can take necessary measures to prevent the compressor from overheating.

1. Ambient temperature

The most common cause of compressor overheating is the temperature and environment around it. For example: Is your air compressor placed next to the window in the hot summer? Are there other overheated equipment next to your air compressor? Is the air compressor equipment placed in a closed room with a high temperature?

These are all preventable problems. In order to prevent the air compressor from overheating, ensure that the ambient temperature around the air compressor cannot be too high.

2. Oil level

Another common cause of overheating of screw air compressors is insufficient oil in the air compressor. We need to regularly check the oil level and change the air compressor oil regularly. If the engine oil is not added or replaced, the engine oil may deteriorate, causing excessive friction, which may cause the air compressor to overheat.

3. Ventilation

In addition to paying attention to the environment and temperature around the air compressor, and the oil of the air compressor, you also need to pay attention to whether the air compressor's exhaust is normal.

If the vent is blocked, the compressor will overheat after a long time of operation. During the installation process, it is necessary to ensure that the air compressor is placed in a suitable location, and the vents of the air compressor should be cleaned regularly.

4. Temperature control valve

If the temperature control valve fails, the air compressor will overheat. It is recommended to prepare a backup temperature control valve to avoid shutdown of the air compressor due to overheating. The spare valve can also be used to check whether the current valve is in good working condition or whether it needs to be replaced.

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