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Installation specification of screw air compressor operation and maintenance manual

Installation specification of screw air compressor operation and maintenance manual

  • 2022-08-05

"Screw Air Compressor Operation and Maintenance Instructions" is a tool for manufacturers to provide after-sales service to users. It is a randomly provided instructional technical information. It can help users understand product characteristics, provide use and maintenance methods, so as to make the product It will give full play to its due functions and achieve the expected service life, so that both the supply and demand sides can obtain the best economic benefits.

The "Screw Air Compressor Operation and Maintenance Manual" not only provides users with the use and maintenance methods of the product, but also reflects the soft power of the air compressor manufacturer and the level of product quality control.

The screw air compressor should be equipped with professional use and maintenance instructions when it leaves the factory, which will help the screw air compressor to arrive at the customer site to guide and standardize the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and repair.

Since the screw air compressor is a mechanical device, after the user purchases it, it needs to be properly installed before use, so that it will not affect the operation and use. A standard operating and maintenance manual should contain "installation requirements".


Installation Specifications

1. Screw air compressor room

1. Foundation

①It must be a level and flat industrial floor, which should be able to bear the weight of the machine (refer to the foundation map for details).

②The screw air compressor should be installed on a cement platform with a height of 150mm (see the figure below) to facilitate the connection of the inlet and outlet pipelines.

2. Ventilation

①When the machine is running, the temperature in the machine room should be guaranteed to be between 1 and 45°C; the maximum ambient temperature in the machine room should not exceed 40°C

②Computer room space: The required net height should not be less than 4m

③The air-cooled machine room must have two vents: the first vent is at a high position to discharge hot air; the second vent is at a low position to draw in cold outside air. If the environment is dusty, it is recommended to install a filter plate;

④The hot air discharged from the air-cooled model should be discharged through a duct; the minimum cross-sectional area ofthe duct should not be smaller than the air outlet of the machine, and the pressure drop of the outlet air duct should not be greater than 3mm water column, otherwise the cooling effect of the cooler will be affected. The air duct pressure drop can be reduced by installing an exhaust fan, and the air volume of the exhaust fan should not be lower than the following table.


2. Power connection:

1. Check electrical connections for compliance with local codes.

2. Check whether the power supply meets the requirements of the machine.

3. Check whether the terminals are in good condition and whether there is a good grounding terminal.

4. It should be ensured that there is a master switch.

5. Connect the power supply as required.

6. After 50 hours of operation, check whether the wiring parts are reliable



Five, installation suggestions

①Install the screw air compressor on a level ground suitable for carrying its weight.

②The minimum distance between the top of the screw air compressor and the ceiling > the height of the air compressor to facilitate ventilation and lifting.

③When piping, all pipes and pipe joints should meet the rated pressure, and the use of elbows and various valve groups should be minimized to reduce pressure loss.


The pressure drop of the delivery pipe can be calculated by the following formula:

dp = (L×450×Qc1.85)/(d5×P)

dp = pressure drop (recommended max = 0.1bar)

L = length of delivery pipe in m

d = inner diameter of the delivery pipe in mm

·P = absolute pressure at the outlet of the screw compressor in bar(a)

·Qc = screw air compressor displacement in l/s


√The inlet grid and ventilation fan should be installed to avoid the recirculation of cooling air into the screw air compressor.

√The air velocity into the grid should be limited to 5 m/s.

√For information on the restricted use of screw air compressors, please refer to the restricted use section.

⑤The sewage pipe shall not be immersed in the water of the collector, so as to observe the flow of condensed water.

⑥Check whether the electrical connection conforms to local codes. The installation must be grounded and fuses installed in each phase to prevent short circuits. The isolating switch must be installed near the screw air compressor.

⑦For the water-cooled unit, the cooling water supply pressure should be 0.2-0.6MPa, and valves should be installed at the inlet and outlet. It is recommended to install a filter at the water inlet to filter particles larger than 0.1 mm, and the water supply should be no less than:

·Use the direct-current water supply with the specified quality, and the water supply volume = the water volume specified in the parameter table.

·When using circulating water, the amount of water supplied = the amount of water specified in the 24x parameter table/the temperature difference of the cooling tower.

If the cooling water quality fails to meet the specified requirements, the water supply should be increased so that the drainage temperature does not exceed 50°C.

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