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Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

Precautions for starting air compressor in winter

Precautions for starting air compressor in winter

  • 2022-02-23

In the blink of an eye, winter has come again. In severe cold weather, air compressor room managers often encounter problems such as air compressors failing to start normally, pipelines freezing and cracking, etc., causing companies to stop work, stop production and other losses. How to use the air compressor correctly under low temperature conditions is a problem that every computer room manager will encounter. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, we remind users of air compressors to pay attention to the following matters when starting up in winter.

Precautions for starting the oilless screw air compressor

Oilless screw air compressor: Below 0°C, if the air compressor room is not heated, once it is shut down, the temperature of the air compressor will drop sharply, and the fluidity of the lubricating oil will become very poor. If the machine is turned on at this time, since the lubricating oil cannot flow into the entire oil circuit in time, it will cause the main engine to become instantaneously high temperature. At the same time, because the temperature is too low, the condensed water in the compressed air is not easy to evaporate, and a large amount of water remains inside the air compressor. When the air compressor stops, the temperature drops sharply and causes the internal ice of the machine to freeze and crack the pipes, valves, coolers, etc. part.

Precautions for starting the oilless screw air compressor:

Check that the oil level is in the normal position, check that all condensate drains are closed, and for water-cooled units, check that the cooling water drains are closed;

Rotate the coupling of the main engine to check whether the rotation is flexible. For the unit that is difficult to rotate, please do not blindly start the machine. Check whether the main engine is malfunctioning, whether the lubricating oil is sticky or not, and then start the machine after troubleshooting;

The air compressor with a long downtime should be replaced with a new oil filter before the first start to reduce the resistance and insufficient oil supply caused by the viscosity of the lubricating oil;

It is best to jog the unit once when powering on for the first time. Check the current and oil temperature changes after the official startup. If there is a sudden temperature change, please stop it immediately. For units that use heat recovery, the oil bypass valve on the heat recovery system should be closed before starting, and the heat recovery system should be slowly opened after the unit is normally opened and the temperature rises to the normal range;

For the unit with sudden temperature change or high temperature trip, remember not to restart it repeatedly. Open the intake valve, fill the main engine with a proper amount of lubricating oil, turn the main engine flexibly and start it again.

Precautions for start-up of oil-free water lubricated air compressor

Oil-free water-lubricated air compressor: below 0℃, the lubricating water in the oil-free water-lubricated air compressor freezes. When starting, the temperature will rise and cause over-temperature shutdown. We remind users of oil-free water lubrication air compressors. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, start the machine correctly 2-3 times when starting to circulate the lubricating water to prevent the high temperature during the operation of the air compressor.

Precautions for start-up of oil-free water lubricated air compressor:

1. Connect the demineralized water that meets the requirements into the water replenishment port of the equipment;

2. Open the ball valve on the water replenishment pipeline, and after the water level of the water-gas separation bucket is increased to the high water level, close the water replenishment ball valve;

3. Remove the air inlet hose and add water from the inlet of the air inlet valve. The amount of water added should exceed the position above the center of the host;

4. Power on the air compressor, jog for 2 seconds, and press the emergency stop button;

5. In order to prevent the new machine from freezing on the way, so there is no water in the new machine, please repeat actions 3 and 4 at least 3-4 times before turning it on.

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