Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Precautions for the installation of the air supply pipeline of the screw air compressor

Precautions for the installation of the air supply pipeline of the screw air compressor

  • 2021-12-31

The air supply pipeline of the screw air compressor can be roughly divided into pressure hoses (applicable to small screw air compressors or temporary air), galvanized pipes, moderate prices, widely used in the installation of pressure pipelines of screw air compressors, aluminum The alloy super pipeline is suitable for customers who have higher requirements on the image of the factory, and higher requirements on the quality of the gas supply and the stability of the gas supply.

The pipe installation of screw air compressor needs to meet the following 10 requirements:

1. A shut-off valve must be installed at the air supply port of the screw air compressor unit, and the pipeline must have an inclination of 1°~2° to facilitate the discharge of condensate in the pipeline.

2. The pressure drop of the piping should not exceed 5% set by the screw air compressor, so it is better to choose a pipe diameter larger than the design value when piping.

3. The branch pipeline must be connected from the top of the main pipeline to prevent the condensed water in the pipeline from flowing to the working machine or returning to the screw air compressor.

4. Tools to be lubricated should be equipped with a triple combination (air filter, pressure regulator, oil feeder) to maintain the service life of the tool.

5. The main pipe cannot be arbitrarily reduced. If it is necessary to reduce or enlarge it, a reduced-shrink pipe must be used, otherwise there will be mixed flow at the joint, which will cause a large pressure loss and also have a great impact on the life of the pipeline.

6. If there are purification buffer equipment such as air storage tank and dryer after the air compressor, the ideal piping should be air compressor + air storage tank + dryer. In this way, the gas storage tank can discharge part of the condensed water, and the gas storage tank also has the function of reducing the gas temperature. The air with lower temperature and less water content enters the dryer again, which can reduce the load of the dryer.

7. The air consumption of the system is large and the time is short. It is best to install an air storage tank as a buffer, which is of great help to the air compressor.

8. For compressor air with system pressure below 1.5Mpa, the flow velocity in the delivery pipe must be below 15m/sec to avoid excessive pressure drop.

9. Minimize the use of elbows and various valves in the pipeline to reduce pressure loss.

10. The ideal piping is that the main road surrounds the entire plant, so that all aspects of compressed air can be obtained at any position. If the gas consumption of a branch line suddenly increases, the pressure drop can be reduced. In addition, appropriate valves are arranged on the ring-shaped main line to facilitate maintenance and cut-off of use.

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