Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

The difference between dry oil-free screw air compressor and water-lubricated screw oil-free air compressor

The difference between dry oil-free screw air compressor and water-lubricated screw oil-free air compressor

  • 2022-02-23

In the pharmaceutical, food, semiconductor, chemical, fermentation and other industries, oil-free and clean compressed air must be the first choice. The common oil-free compressors include dry-type oil-free screw air compressors, water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressors, and oil-free vortexes. Rotary air compressor, oil-free centrifugal air compressor. Today, compare two types of oil-free screw air compressors-dry oil-free and water-lubricated.

1: The single-screw water-lubricated air compressor uses pure water for lubrication and cooling. The internal parts of the body are made of special materials, medical-grade stainless steel, and will never corrode. Dry-type oil-free air compressors still rely on lubricating oil for cooling, and the body will have oil odors.

2: The pure water of the water-lubricated air compressor system has been circulating in the system. The system will automatically change the water at the set time to ensure the quality of the water. The operating temperature of the body is not higher than 50 degrees, so the water is not inside the body. Affected and scale problems, the operating temperature of dry-type oil-free machines is higher than 200 degrees, which directly affects the life of the cooling oil and bearings.

3: The single-screw water-lubricated oil-free machine adopts imported special bearings, so there is no problem with directly using water for lubrication, with high efficiency, low head noise and few bearing combinations. Twin-screw air compressors generally use FAG or SKF bearings, which are low-temperature bearings with short life and high noise, and there are many combinations of double-head bearings.

4: Single-screw water-lubricated air compressor sprays pure water directly into the body. Due to the high specific heat value of water, the compression chamber is almost in the ideal state of isothermal compression, and the compression process with the lowest energy consumption. The cooling oil of dry-type oil-free machine is about 100 degrees, and the temperature of the compression chamber exceeds 200 degrees. The temperature difference is relatively large, so the energy consumption is relatively high.

5: Single screw water-lubricated oil-free machine, the body and the motor are directly connected, the speed is low below 3000 rpm, there is no speed-increasing gear, the bearing life is long, and the maintenance cost is low. A speed-increasing gear must be added between the body of the dry-type oil-free machine and the motor. Because the speed is higher than 18,000 rpm, the speed-increasing gear is required to increase the speed, the bearing life is short, and the maintenance cost is high.

6: Water-lubricated air compressor uses water to cool and lubricate the seal, the air quality is guaranteed, and the speed is about 3000 rpm. The temperature is around 55 degrees, and the maintenance cost is low. The dry twin-screw air compressor uses oil to cool the bearings. The air quality cannot be completely clean and environmentally friendly. The secondary compression speed reaches about 18,000 rpm, which consumes labor, and the temperature reaches about 200 degrees, which is unsafe and high maintenance costs. .

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