The principle, characteristics and application fields of PSA oxygen generator

The principle, characteristics and application fields of PSA oxygen generator

  • 2021-06-18

The working principle of PSA oxygen generator

The normal air composition is: nitrogen (N2) accounts for about 78.1%, oxygen (O2) accounts for about 20.9%, and rare gases account for about 0.939% (helium He, neon Ne, argon Ar, krypton Kr, xenon Xe, radon Rn), Carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for about 0.031%, and other gases and impurities account for about 0.03%

PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) oxygen generation device: pressure swing adsorption oxygen generation. Its principle is an automatic equipment that uses air as raw material and zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, and uses the principle of pressure adsorption and decompression desorption to adsorb and release oxygen from the air, thereby separating oxygen. The separation of O2 and N2 by zeolite molecular sieve is based on the small difference in the dynamic diameter of these two gases. N2 molecules have a faster diffusion rate in the micropores of zeolite molecular sieve, and O2 molecules have a slower diffusion rate. The PSA special zeolite molecular sieve is used to selectively adsorb impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water in the air to obtain higher purity oxygen.

Features of PSA oxygen generator:

1. The oxygen production capacity is large and the energy consumption is low; the oxygen purity is convenient to adjust, which can be adjusted between 91%-95%;

2. Low maintenance cost, convenient and simple maintenance;

3. The whole set of equipment has a high degree of automation, one-finger operation, simple maintenance, and the equipment does not need to be supervised by special personnel;

4. The unique compression device ensures that the molecular sieve always runs statically, ensuring that the molecular sieve is not powdered, does not add, and has a long service life;

5. The inner and outer surfaces of the pressure-bearing parts are all treated by sandblasting, rust removal and degreasing, which greatly extends the service life of pneumatic parts, test parts and vacuum pumps;

6. Optional oxygen flow, automatic purity adjustment system, and transportation control system.

Application fields and uses:

1. Metallurgical industry: electric arc furnace steelmaking, blast furnace ironmaking with oxygen enrichment, and shaft furnace with oxygen enrichment for combustion;

2. Non-ferrous metallurgy industry: smelting of gold, silver, lead, copper, zinc, aluminum, etc., various furnaces and kilns are enriched with oxygen to support combustion;

3. Environmental protection industry: drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, pulp bleaching, sewage biochemical treatment, garbage incineration;

4. Chemical (academic) industry: various oxidation reactions, ozone production, coal gasification, pharmaceutical production;

5. Medical industry: medical oxygen generator, oxygen therapy, oxygen health care, oxygen plant

6. Aquatic industry: marine and freshwater aquaculture;

7. Other industries: fermentation, welding and cutting, glass furnace, air conditioning, garbage incineration;

8. Electric furnace steelmaking: decarburization, oxygen-assisted combustion heating, foaming slag, metallurgical control and subsequent heating;

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