Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

These four issues of screw air compressors are very important and must be considered

These four issues of screw air compressors are very important and must be considered

  • 2021-09-02

Screw air compressors replace piston air compressors with many wearing parts and poor reliability, which is a trend in the air compressor market today.

When using a screw air compressor, have you considered these four issues: the speed of the screw air compressor, the working temperature of the screw air compressor, the lubrication method of the screw air compressor, and the use environment of the screw air compressor.

These four issues are very important, you must consider when using screw air compressors.

Consider the screw air compressor speed

Rotational speed is an important parameter of screw air compressors. Too high a rotation speed is not good, and too low a rotation speed is not good either.

If the speed of the air compressor is too high, the rotor cannot bear it, and the service life of the air compressor will be greatly reduced;

If the speed is too low, the exhaust volume and exhaust pressure will not meet the requirements of the working conditions, and the "oil running" will be serious.

Consider the working temperature of the screw air compressor

The working temperature refers to the ambient temperature where the air compressor is working. If the temperature of the working environment is relatively high, corresponding cooling measures should be taken.

At the same time, use lubricating oil with high viscosity and high flash point; the ambient temperature is low, and there will be no bad effects.

When the air compressor starts at a very low temperature (below 0°C), you need to pay attention to the lubricating oil condensing inside.

Consider the lubrication method of screw air compressor

The lubrication methods of screw air compressors can be divided into two types: oil lubrication and oil-free lubrication.

Oil-lubricated screw air compressors are commonly used in the market, which can almost meet all kinds of gas demand through post-processing equipment;

The price of the screw compressor without oil lubrication is relatively high, and it is suitable for industries that require high compressed air quality, such as medicine and food.

Consider the use environment of screw air compressors

The use environment of the air compressor mainly refers to the site selection and establishment of the air compressor station. The air compressor should be placed in a well-ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight and rain;

It is built on hard soil, with a certain distance between the walls and the top; the relative humidity of the air should be low, and there should be less dust and impurities.

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