Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Trouble Shooting of the Air Intake System of Screw Compressor

Trouble Shooting of the Air Intake System of Screw Compressor

  • 2021-11-02

Screw air compressor is a kind of general power equipment with gas absorption, compression, discharge, storage and application as the main line of work, so the air intake system is the primary system of the compressor. The air compressor intake system mainly refers to the components that the compressor sucks into the atmosphere and its control components. It usually consists of an intake filter unit and an intake valve. The structure of the air intake filter unit is relatively simple,

It is usually composed of an air filter and an intake duct.

In the production operation, we often encounter failures in the intake system, such as the failure of the intake filter and the butterfly valve. Although controller failures rarely occur, they can also exist. Below, we will discuss the three major failures of the screw compressor suction system, and hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Screw air compressor Filter failure

The air filter is the first part of the air compressor. After the natural air sucked in is filtered by the air filter, it is sent to the air compressor host for compression, and then discharged to the air storage tank, and then enters the public pipeline through the air storage tank. Air filter failures are frequent and common. Almost every machine will appear because it is a vulnerable part and needs to be replaced regularly.

The air filter is mainly composed of two materials, metal as the shell and paper as the core. It can effectively filter some suspended matter in the air, making the air entering the compression chamber more pure. There are often impurities such as particulate matter, tree flocs, and oil fume in the atmosphere around the factory. Although these impurities are invisible and intangible, they do exist. Therefore, after a long period of use, suspended solids and oil fume in the air will contaminate and block the filter paper of the air filter. The blackening of the filter paper is the result of blocking the oil in the air. Prolonged blockage will result in excessive pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter and increased current in the equipment. It may even cause the air filter to fail and bring some large particles in the air to the host, causing a certain amount of wear and tear on the host, affecting the normal operation and life of the host. Therefore, it is very important to replace the filter element of the air filter regularly. Generally, it can be replaced according to the supplier’s replacement cycle requirements. If the air compressor station is relatively close to the production site, The oil pollution in air is more obvious, and the filter should be replaced more frequently.

2. screw air compressor Butterfly valve failure

The air enters the main engine after passing through the air filter. This position is the second gate, called the control butterfly valve. The moving part is a valve plate, which is pushed by the push rod of the servo cylinder to control the opening/closing and opening of the valve plate to realize the control of the inlet flow. It is usually used in larger flow occasions. The probability of butterfly valve failure is very small.

3. screw air compressor Failure of control mechanism

The control mechanism generally belongs to the integrated circuit part. It has contact points for various faults of the equipment, through these contact points can be reflected on the control panel, through the panel prompts, and then find out whether the control system is malfunctioning. The probability of failure of the control system is very small, but it is not non-existent. Generally, it appears in the name of air filter failure. For example, the machine temperature, intake and exhaust temperature, or air filter does not work, or it is malfunctioning. These phenomena all appear through air filter failures, but this problem will not be described in particular. Therefore, it requires human intervention. Judgment. Either the integrated circuit is faulty, or the probe is faulty, it may be the problem of inaccuracy due to the reduced sensitivity of the probe. If found in time, the probe can be replaced in time to avoid malfunctions.

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