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What damage may the cold winter cause to the air compressor?

What damage may the cold winter cause to the air compressor?

  • 2021-12-31

The weather is getting colder and colder. I believe that many customers who use air compressors can feel that every winter, air compressors will have various problems that have never occurred before, which causes economic losses. So how should we pay attention to air compressors in the cold winter?

1. The influence of low temperature weather on air compressor lubricating oil

The oil circuit system is an important part of the air compressor circulation system. During normal operation, the oil system will generate friction due to the rotation of the machine, and the heat generated by the friction will increase the temperature of the lubricating oil. Low temperature is very beneficial to the oil circuit system that needs to be cooled. However, for standby equipment or air compressors that do not start all the year round, when restarting in low temperature, the oil circuit may use lubricating oil to condense due to the low temperature, so starting will fail, so it is necessary to carry out the oil circuit system Check to see if the lubricating oil is in normal condition. For the storage of lubricating oil, it is generally required to be stored in a heated room. If stored outdoors, the lubricating oil may be frozen and condensed due to the low temperature, and it cannot be used immediately when needed. The low temperature in winter has both good and bad effects on the air compressor. Not only in the operation of the air compressor, but also in the maintenance of the air compressor and the storage of spare parts. Attention should be paid to the operating conditions of the air compressor at low temperatures and regular maintenance to prevent air compressor failures to ensure safe and normal production.

2. How to boot correctly in low temperature weather

When the temperature drops below zero in winter, for some air compressors installed outdoors or the indoor temperature is below 2 degrees, when the air compressor is just started, the oil viscosity of the lubricating parts of the unit is relatively high, which is likely to cause relatively difficult startup at the start. Generally, the method is to first turn the unit 2-3 times, and start the air compressor 2-3 times. After the unit is started, the air compressor runs for 10 minutes and stops, and then restarts the air compressor. Generally, the unit can operate normally.

3. Key points of air compressor protection in winter

(1) Take cold-proof measures for the electronic drain valve and piping system. The air compressed by the air machine will contain some moisture. When the condensate is drained through the automatic drain valve, it will be affected by the low temperature outside and freeze in the pipe. Road or other parts.

(2) Take measures to prevent cold in the room temperature of the machine room. When the temperature drops, the viscosity of the air compressor lubricating oil will increase, which will have a great impact on the restart of the air compressor after a period of shutdown, and will also affect the life of the machine .

(3) When the working status of the automatic drain valve of the air compressor, air storage tank, dryer, and filter is confirmed, the drain valve of the pipeline, air storage tank, dryer, etc. is fully opened when the get off work is off or the equipment is shut down, so that the condensate is cleaned. Then close the valve.

(4) The temperature of the air compressor room is maintained above zero. The exhaust outlet is closed or adjusted to the room to adjust the indoor temperature; when the compressor is stopped or not running, an electric heater needs to be properly activated to adjust the temperature.

(5) Air compressor management during shutdown. After the compressor is shut down, the gas must be discharged to the display and the valve must be closed after 0.0bar is displayed. Turn on the automatic drain valve of the air compressor, air storage tank, and dryer. Turn off the air and condensate after completely emptying.

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