What maintenance should be done during the decommissioning of pressure vessels?

What maintenance should be done during the decommissioning of pressure vessels?

  • 2021-08-06

The maintenance content of the pressure vessel in the air compressor system during the outage period is as follows:

1.Keep the pressure vessel dry and clean to prevent atmospheric corrosion. Scientific practice has proved that dry air generally does not corrode carbon steel and other ferroalloys. Corrosion starts only when there are dust, dirt or old corrosion products on the metal surface when wet (relative humidity exceeds 60%). conduct. Therefore, in order to reduce atmospheric corrosion on the outer surface of the decommissioned pressure vessel, the surface of the vessel should be kept clean, and the dust, ash and other dirt scattered on the surface of the pressure vessel should be scrubbed clean, and the pressure vessel and the surrounding environment should be kept dry.

2. Paint the outer wall of the pressure vessel to prevent atmospheric corrosion, and pay attention to the anti-corrosion under the insulation layer and the support of the pressure vessel.

3. The pressure gauge should be kept clean, and the glass on the dial must be bright and clear, so that the pressure reading indicated by the pointer in the gauge is clear and easy to see. When it is found that the pressure gauge (including the pressure tube) is faulty, it should be dealt with in time. If there is any doubt about the indicating value of the pressure gauge, it should be checked in time with the standard gauge, and replaced if it is incorrect. The pressure gauge shall be calibrated regularly, and the calibration period shall not be less than 6 months. The pressure gauge after calibration shall be affixed with a certificate of conformity and sealed with lead.

4. When the pressure gauge has one of the following conditions, it should be discontinued and replaced: a pressure gauge with limited nails, when there is no pressure, the pointer can not return to the limit nail; an infinite nail pressure gauge (limit means positive pressure gauge), when there is no pressure When pressure is applied, the value of the pointer from the zero position exceeds the allowable error of the pressure gauge; the cover glass of the dial is broken or the scale of the dial is blurred; the seal is damaged or the validity period of the calibration is exceeded, the spring tube in the watch leaks or the pointer of the pressure gauge is loose; the pointer of the pressure gauge Fracture or serious corrosion of the outer shell and other defects that affect the accurate indication of the pressure gauge.

5. The pressure vessel is usually equipped with necessary safety devices according to the needs of its process characteristics. There are many types of safety devices, which should be installed and arranged reasonably, such as safety valves and pressure gauges. In order to keep the safety device in good condition, keep it accurate, reliable, sensitive and easy to use, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the safety device during the operation of the pressure vessel.

6. The accessory parts of the pressure vessel must be kept complete and intact. It is forbidden to put into operation pressure vessels with incomplete connection fasteners. Many major explosion accidents flying out of the end cover of a pressure vessel are caused by damage to the flange bolts of the end cover.

7. Due to the maintenance, cleaning and opening of the end cover of the pressure vessel, the number of bolts is large. The operator often only installs part of the tightening bolts. When the amount of bolts is insufficient and the sealing performance is poor, the nuts are often tightened too much. The pre-tightening load was so large that the flange bolts were disassembled after the container was under pressure, causing an explosion accident in which the end cover flew out. Therefore, for the attachment parts such as the fastening bolts of the pressure vessel, after each removal, they should be cleaned first, and then visually inspected. Only the fastening bolts that pass the inspection can be reused.

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