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What role does air compressor play in agriculture

What role does air compressor play in agriculture

  • 2021-12-03

When you think of agriculture or farming, the tools of trade you think of are tractors, plows, shovel, and sickles. But did you know that air compressors have been the main product of this industry for decades? In fact, they are helping to pioneer new and efficient methods of farm maintenance, crop production, and transportation. Take a look at the most common applications driven by compressors below!

Hand operated tools. Paint spray guns, pneumatic staplers and nail guns are all types of hand tools powered by compressed air. Do you want to repaint your shed, refurbish your fences, or build a new structure? For this, you need an air compressor.

Inflate a flat tire. If your tire is flat, it could derail your day and make your work fall behind. This is where air compressors come into play, because they can quickly and efficiently inflate the tires of tractors, ATV and other mobile equipment.

Crop protection. By installing an air compressor at the rear of the vehicle and installing a suitable sprayer attachment, it is easier to ensure that the crop is protected from common pests and pests, and your application can begin!

Dairy machinery. Milking robots have become commonplace in the dairy industry. By using pneumatically controlled milking robots powered by compressed air, dairy farmers can maximize efficiency and profit.

Cleaner production area. Do you want to organize your barn or storage area? The cleaning system driven by compressed air is very effective in intensive cleaning of these areas-and does not involve other consumables required for general cleaning methods.

Winter irrigation line. Is the winter in your area harsh? Air compressors are the key to help remove excess water from irrigation pipes in preparation for the winter. This helps to extend the life of the irrigation pipeline and reduce maintenance costs.

Spray painting. The compressed air driving force is used as the spray gun for spray painting granaries, large farm sheds, guardrails and attached engineering buildings. The application of the spray gun can show uniform fluidity and smooth coating without increasing time.

Wastewater treatment. Some large farms use bottom-pressure blower motors to solve their sewage on the spot, so that they can re-purge their tanks and produce gas. The whole process of re-hydrolysis and acidification pool is beneficial to aerobic bacteria to cause lytic enzymes.

Ship raw materials. The air compression driving force transportation system software is used to transport cereals, powders and granules to silos for storage. Vacuum pumps are safe replacement planning schemes that move technology in closed pipelines, and there is no risk of environmental pollution.

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