Cold weather, but production can't stop. Cold air has a great influence on the air compressor, so how should we protect the air compressor?

  • 2022-02-18

Cold weather, but production can't stop. Cold air has a great influence on the air compressor, so howshould we protect the air compressor?

1. Improve the computer room environment and working conditions

First of all, try to put the air compressor indoors, or set up a temporary tent, which can not only prevent the temperature from being too low, but also improve the air quality of the air compressor inlet. And keep the air compressor room temperature above zero.

Second, pay attention to keeping the environment clean and tidy. In particular, pay attention to avoid water accumulation around the equipment and the ground of the station building to prevent icing and slipping, which may cause the operator to fall and injured.

2. improve the way the air compressor operation

Before using the air compressor, the side cover must be opened to observe whether the oil is thickened or frozen. If so, the oil must be heated first. Even if the oil is not frozen, the viscosity of the oil in the lubricating parts of the unit is relatively high when it is just turned on in winter, and the voltage in some outdoor workplaces is relatively low, which may make it difficult to start the machine when it is just turned on. The general method is to start the machine 2-3 times first, start the air compressor 3-4 times, and then load the unit after running for a period of time. After the normal operation of the air compressor, a multimeter can be used to measure the current, which is generally within 5% of the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds 10% of the normal current, it means that the unit has a problem or the voltage is low, and it should be stopped for inspection. Otherwise, the motor is easy to heat up and burn out, and it will also waste electricity.most important reason for the high current is that the oil starts to clog

After shutdown in winter,pay attention todrain all sewage and water, and discharge water, gas and oil in various pipes and airbags. This is because the unit temperature is higher when the unit is running.During the winter, After the unit is shut down, due to the low outside temperature, a large amount of condensed water will be generated after the air is cooled,Hidden dangers such as blockage of the intercooler and airbag expansion and cracking.

At the same time, after the cold air enters the air compressor, it will generate a large amount of water vapor when it encounters high temperature, which increases the burden of post-processing of the air compressor, so it is necessary to discharge water frequently in post-processing equipment.

Compressed air enters the production area through pipes for use by users. Some of these pipes are buried in the ground, and some are exposed to the air. In cold weather,exposed pipes may cause some moisture. The temperature is low, and some even increase the humidity, which will have a certain impact on the normal use of the user. For example, in the laser cutting machine industry, if the oil and water content in the compressed air is high, it will affect the accuracy. In the mining industry, the humid air compressor compressed air may not affect the normal use of pneumatic tools, but it will affect the operation of pneumatic tools strength.

Therefore,when get off work or equipment is shut down in the winter, the drain valves such as pipes, gas storage tanks, and dryers should be fully opened, and the condensed water should be drained before closing the valves.

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