Compressor maintenance for medical oxygen production equipment

  • 2021-08-11

Compressor maintenance for medical oxygen production equipment

Medical oxygen generators are indispensable equipment for hospitals to carry out medical work. This year's COVID-19 has caused hospitals to need medical oxygen generators and ventilators in large quantities to rescue patients with COVID-19, and there is a scene of shortages. Based on the operating principles of the related systems of medical oxygen production equipment, we analyze its common failures, and put forward some suggestions for use and maintenance for the reference of equipment managers.


The medical oxygen production equipment is composed of the following modules, that is, compressed air generated by the air compressor system → compressed air stored in the gas storage tank → oxygen production system → storage tank stored oxygen.

1. The principle of oxygen production system

Pressure swing adsorption technology is a key technology used in oxygen production by medical oxygen production equipment, which can extract oxygen from the air. The molecular sieve is loaded in the medical oxygen generator, and the molecular sieve flow adsorption technology and analysis technology are used to adsorb nitrogen in the air under pressure, and the oxygen that is not adsorbed will be collected and then used for purification processing. The oxygen collected from the air is processed or made into high-purity oxygen. Medical oxygen production equipment can periodically cycle oxygen production, and its oxygen production process is a continuous and constantly changing process. Finally, it is pushed into the oxygen storage tank. After removing the peculiar smell of oxygen, dust, bacteria, etc., high-concentration, clean medical oxygen is finally obtained. Its concentration can reach 93%±2, and the whole preparation process does not involve chemical reaction

Therefore, there will be no pollution to the environment.


2. Common faults and solutions of medical oxygen production equipment

2.1 Reasons for molecular sieve

There are various operating parts of the oxygen production equipment, including diaphragms, various valves, spools, etc. Molecular sieve is a very important component and plays a very important role in the entire oxygen production process. However, there will be various reasons that cause oil or moisture in the compressed air, which will make the molecular sieve lose its normal function and shorten its service life. Therefore, regular maintenance and replacement of molecular sieve is an important link to ensure the smooth flow of oxygen production and should be paid more attention.

2.2 Air compressor failure

The key equipment for compressing air in the oxygen production process is the air compressor. First, check whether the compressor has oil leakage. Check that the oil in the oil observation window of the compressor oil and gas separator is within the scale line, and there is no shortage of oil or oil loss. . In view of this kind of problem, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the air compressor, which can further reduce the occurrence of failures and prolong the service life of the equipment: (1) Regularly replace the air filter element and the oil filter element; (2) Regularly check whether the pipeline and air path are blocked, Whether there is damage, etc.; (3) Regularly inspect and replace solenoid valve components that are prone to aging; (4) Regularly observe the abnormal operation of the equipment.


2.3 The medical oxygen generator cannot start normally

The reasons and maintenance methods that cause the medical oxygen generator to fail to start normally are as follows: (1) If the compressed air inlet pressure is higher than the set value, the manual valve under the air can be opened or adjusted to enter the oxygen generator's intake pipeline to reduce pressure. The valve is adjusted to the 0.5MPa working pressure required by the oxygen generator; (2) The "reset" button of the oxygen generator control system, if the fault has not been eliminated, it may be a pressure sensor, which can be directly replaced with a new pressure sensor; (3) Temperature Too high or too low can easily lead to the failure of the oxygen production equipment to start, and the ambient temperature should be adjusted in time to take cooling measures or heat preservation measures.

3. Do a good job in the management of oxygen production equipment

In addition to the correct use of oxygen-making equipment in hospitals, maintenance and repair work should also continue to optimize and improve the existing management system to make the use of oxygen-making equipment more standardized and standard.

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