Do you know all this knowledge about the wearing parts of screw air compressor?

  • 2021-04-02

One: Air filter

The air filter of an air compressor is composed of an air filter assembly and a filter element. The outside is connected to the air compressor's intake valve through a joint and a threaded pipe, so as to filter the dust, particles and other impurities in the air. Different air compressor models can choose the air filter to be installed according to the size of the air intake.


Failure appearance: The filter is clogged, and the clogged air filter will cause the air compressor to lose energy and waste electricity, and it is easy to be penetrated by dust. Excessive dust entering the inside of the air compressor will affect the life of the air compressor oil and cause the oil/air separator to block.


Troubleshooting: 1. The filter element is the core component of the filter. It is made of special materials and is a vulnerable part that requires special maintenance.

2. When the filter has been working for a long time, the filter element in it has blocked a certain amount of impurities, which will cause the pressure to increase and the flow to decrease. At this time, it needs to be replaced in time.


The filter paper in the equipment is also one of the key points. The filter paper in high-quality filter equipment usually uses superfine fiber paper filled with synthetic resin, which can effectively filter impurities and has a strong dirt storage capacity. The equipment also has great requirements for the strength of the filter paper. Due to the large air flow, the strength of the filter paper can resist strong airflow, ensuring the efficiency of filtration and prolonging the service life of the equipment.

The pore size of the filter paper is about 10um. Usually it should be removed and replaced every 2000 hours. A differential pressure control device is installed on the air filter. If the display panel shows that the air filter is clogged, it means that the air filter must be cleaned or replaced. .


Two: oil filter

The oil filter is generally a paper filter. Its function is to remove impurities in the oil such as metal particles and oil degradation. The filtering accuracy is between 5um-10um, and it has a protective effect on the bearing and the rotor.


Failure appearance: oil filter failure. Troubleshooting: whether the oil filter should be replaced can be judged by its pressure difference indicator. If the pressure difference indicator light is on, it means that the oil filter is blocked and must be replaced. The oil and oil filter need to be replaced after the first 500 hours of operation of the new machine, and then replaced according to the pressure difference indicator light. If the oil filter is not replaced due to a large pressure difference, it may result in insufficient oil intake, and the high temperature of the exhaust will trip and the lack of oil will affect the life of the bearing.


The effective use time of the oil filter is determined by two factors: 1. The amount of impurities. When the oil filter's ability to absorb impurities reaches its limit, the effective life of the oil filter is reached;

2. Machine temperature and anti-carbonization ability of filter paper. When the machine is at high temperature and normal temperature, the service life of the oil filter is different. The high temperature model will greatly accelerate the carbonization of the filter paper and shorten the effective use time of the filter paper;

In addition, the effective use time of poor filter paper will be very short, under normal use, the effective filtration time of good quality oil filter is about 2000-2500 hours.


When the frequency conversion screw machine is used for a long time at low frequency, the temperature is usually low, and the oil barrel has more water, and the water resistance to the filter paper is high; when the frequency conversion screw machine is used at low frequency, it will cause the pressure of the oil system to be low, and the oil filter must have low resistance and breathability. Good sex.


Many people may think that the oil filter is filtered by interception. The higher the accuracy, the better the filtering effect. At the same time, they worry that the filter accuracy is too high and the oil filter is easy to block. However, some studies believe that this has actually entered a misunderstanding. The filtration accuracy of the oil filter has some relationship with the filtration effect, but what really determines the filtration effect is not the filtration accuracy, but the adsorption capacity of the oil filter paper. The greater the dust holding capacity, the stronger the adsorption power and the better the filtering effect. Fiber filter paper has a good filtering effect because of its large dust holding capacity, strong adsorption capacity and strong resistance to carbonization. However, the price of fiber filter paper is very expensive, and the filter paper factory does not sell it for retail, and it needs to be customized in large quantities. If the oil filter does not have a particularly large sales volume, it is difficult to customize fiber filter paper. This is the main reason why very few people use fiber filter paper. the reason.


Three oil/air separator

The oil/air separator filter element is made of multiple layers of fine glass fibers. The misty oil and gas contained in the compressed air can be almost completely filtered out after passing through the oil fine separator. Under normal operation, the oil fine separator can be used for about 3000 hours.

The oil/air separator is mainly designed for oil-water-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: coalescing filter element and separation filter element. Poor separation efficiency results in high oil consumption and heavy oil content in the compressed air, which affects the operation of the back-end purification equipment and the malfunction of the air-using equipment; the piezoresistance increases after blockage, which leads to an increase in the actual exhaust pressure of the unit and an increase in the energy consumption of the unit ; After the failure, the glass fiber filter separation material falls off into the oil, resulting in the shortening of the life of the oil filter element and the abnormal wear of the main engine; after the oil separation element is damaged, the oil will run away directly, resulting in large oil consumption, and also high temperature of the unit due to the lack of oil. It may cause the nose to lock up.


Failure appearance: blockage/breakage/burning/poor separation effect. Troubleshooting: The pollution degree of the lubricating oil and the surrounding environment has a great influence on its life. If the environmental pollution is very serious, you can consider installing a pre-air filter.


1. Blockage: Blockage of the oil separation core will cause excessive current in the air compressor motor. It is also possible that the oil separation core may be deformed due to excessive pressure, or even if the motor is overloaded, the main engine will lock up. In addition, excessive current will shorten the life of the contactor or burn out the contact and cause a major accident. Generally, the screw air compressor has a pressure gauge before the filter element. When the pressure difference between the pressure gauge before the filter element and the air supply pressure gauge reaches 0.08MPa, the oil separation element is replaced.


2. Damaged. When the oil separation core is damaged, it will be found that the air compressor consumes a lot of oil, and there will be a large amount of oil in the air storage tank and pipeline. In severe cases, the air compressor oil will be discharged directly when the blowdown valve of the air storage tank is discharged. The main reasons for this failure are: (1) The oil separation core was not replaced on time; (2) The oil separation core of poor quality was selected; (3) The operation was not performed according to the regulations during the installation process, for example, the oil separation core was installed when the oil return pipe was installed. Break in and so on.


3. burn. The burning of the oil separation core is not common but occasionally occurs during the operation of the air compressor. The main manifestation is that the filter screen of the oil separation core is partially or completely carbonized, and even the metal shell of the oil separation core is burned. Such failures are mainly due to: (1) The quality of the air compressor oil is poor; (2) The quality of the oil separator core itself is too poor; (3) There is no reliable connection between the oil separator core shell and the oil separator barrel when the oil separator core is installed and cannot be grounded , When there is static electricity, the oil mist is ignited and the oil core is burned.


4. The separation effect is poor. The main manifestation is that the compressed air contains too much oil, causing damage to the post-processing equipment and user equipment. The main reasons for this failure are: (1) The quality of the oil separation core itself is too poor; (2) The installation does not follow the procedures.


Four lubricating oil

The function of the air compressor oil is to form a protective film between the critical points of the two friction screws to avoid contact between the screws, thereby buffering the frictional force, playing a lubricating effect, and reducing wear; in addition, there are cooling, noise reduction, Sealing, anti-rust and other functions.


Failure appearance: Lubricant failure. Troubleshooting: Indeed, whether it is a new air compressor that needs to be replaced after 500 hours of operation or every 4000 hours in the future, this is obtained under a standard environment, and in the screw type In the actual use of the air compressor, many factors will affect the performance of the lubricant. Because of this, we need to determine the replacement cycle according to the specific use environment.


So what factors will affect the replacement cycle of screw air compressor lubricating oil? At present, the main points that everyone agrees on are:

1. The quality of lubricating oil: The quality of lubricating oil will directly determine the period of its use. As long as the lubricating oil produced by a regular manufacturer with qualified quality verification can be replaced once in 4000 hours under a standard environment, the replacement cycle of inferior lubricating oil is very short;

2. Humidity of the air: If the humidity in the air is greater, it means that the more water enters the air compressor, and the mixing of moisture and lubricating oil will cause the lubricating oil to deteriorate, which will affect its service life;

3. Impurities: Including impurities that enter with the air and impurities generated by friction inside the air compressor, etc. Impurities can contaminate the lubricating oil and cause its failure;

4. Acid and alkaline gases: There will be a large amount of acid and alkaline gases in the use environment of some air compressors, and their types of gases will also affect the working performance of the lubricating oil, thereby shortening its service life.

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