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    PSA Nitrogen Generator for Making Inert Gas Nitrogen Used as Protection Gas
    PSA is a new type of gas adsorption and separation technology, which has the following advantages: High product purity. It can work at room temperature and common pressure without heating during bed regeneration, which is energy-saving and economical. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. Continuous cycle work can be fully automated. With 5A zeolite molecular sieve adsorbent, a two-bed PSA device is used to separate oxygen enrichment from the air and separate O2 and N2 in the air to obtain nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieve is a kind of ink-colored particles which are specially processed from coal powder. Its surface is covered with numerous micropores. The principle of air separation depends on the different diffusion speeds of oxygen and nitrogen in the pores of carbon molecular sieve. The diffusion speed of oxygen into the pores of molecular sieve is much faster than the diffusion speed of nitrogen, so that oxygen molecules are adsorbed in the pores of carbon molecular sieve. , And nitrogen molecules are enriched in the gas phase. At the same time, the capacity of carbon molecular sieve to adsorb oxygen increases due to its pressure increase, and decreases due to its pressure drop. In this way, the carbon molecular sieve adsorbs when pressurized, and desorbs the oxygen component under reduced pressure, forming a cycle operation to achieve the purpose of separating air. Referred to as PSA Nitrogen.
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