Important technical knowledge of Refrigerated Air Dryer

  • 2021-12-02

Important technical knowledge of Refrigerated Air Dryer

1. What are the advantages of Refrigerated Air Dryer compared with adsorption dryer

Compared with adsorption drying, freeze dryers have the following characteristics: ①There is no air source consumption. For most air source users, using a refrigeration dryer saves energy than using an adsorption dryer; ②No valve wear; ③ No need to add or replace adsorbents regularly; ④Low operating noise; ⑤Daily maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the automatic drain filter is cleaned on time; ⑥No special requirements for pre-treatment of air source and supporting air compressor, general The oil-water separator can meet the air intake quality requirements of the refrigerated dryer; ⑦The refrigerated dryer has a “self-cleaning” effect on the exhaust, that is, the content of solid impurities in the exhaust gas is less; ⑧ While discharging condensate, part of Oil vapor can also be condensed into liquid oil mist and discharged with condensed water.

Compared with the adsorption dryer, the "pressure dew point" of the compressed air treatment by the refrigeration dryer can only reach about 10°C, so the drying depth of the gas is far less than that of the adsorption dryer. In many applications, cold drying is used. The machine cannot meet the requirements of the process for the dryness of the air source. A selection convention has been formed in the technical circle: when the "pressure dew point" is required to be above zero, the first air dryer, when the "pressure dew point" is required to be below zero, the adsorption dryer is the only choice.

2. What should be paid attention to when the Refrigerated Air Dryer is matched with a piston air compressor?

Piston air compressors are non-continuous air supply, and air pulses are generated during operation. Air pulses have a strong and long-lasting impact on the components of the refrigeration dryer, which will cause a series of mechanical damages to the refrigeration dryer. Therefore, when the refrigeration dryer is used in conjunction with a piston air compressor, a buffer air storage should be installed on the downstream side of the air compressor.

3. What should be paid attention to when using the air dryer

Pay attention to the following matters when using a refrigeration dryer: ①The flow pressure and temperature of the compressed air should be within the allowable range of the nameplate; ②The installation site should be ventilated, less dusty, and there should be enough space for heat dissipation and maintenance around the machine, and it cannot be installed outdoors to avoid rain. And direct sunlight; ③The air dryer is generally allowed to be installed without foundation, but the ground must be leveled; ④It should be as close as possible to the user’s point to avoid excessively long pipelines; ⑤There should be no detectable corrosive gas in the surrounding environment, especially not Ammonia refrigeration equipment is in the same room; ⑥The filter accuracy of the pre-filter of the refrigeration dryer should be appropriate, and high precision is not necessary for the refrigeration dryer; ⑦The cooling water inlet and outlet pipes should be set independently, especially the outlet pipe should not be combined with other water-cooling equipment Shared, to avoid the obstruction of drainage caused by pressure difference; ⑧ Keep the automatic drain drainage unblocked at any time; ⑨ Do not continuously start the refrigeration dryer; ⑩ The refrigeration dryer actually handles the parameters of compressed air, especially the intake air temperature, working pressure and When the rated value does not match, it shall be corrected according to the "correction factor" provided by the sample to avoid overload operation.

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