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Low Pressure Direct Driven Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor

Low Pressure Direct Driven Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor

Low-pressure Screw Air Compressor, the Pressure Is 0.3Mpa, 0.4Mpa and 0.5Mpa

With Permanent Magnet Frequency Conversion Technology, Energy Saving, High Efficiency, and Sufficient Air Volume

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Low Pressure Direct Driven Permanent Magnetic Screw Air Compressor

Product Description:

Highly Eficlency and Energy Saving Screw Airend

The low-pressure main engine adopts large rotor and low speed design to reduce internal leakage, improve volumetric efficiency, reduce bearing load and improve the life of the main engine.

Highly Eficient and Energy-saving Permanent Magnetic Motor

The main motor is a carefully selected IP54 high-efficiency energy-saving permanent magnet motor according to the needs of air compressor applications. All of them meet the national first-class energy efficiency standards. Torque and load can meet special design standards, so that the motor efficiency and power factor under load conditions. optimize. This optimized coefficient has an advantage of about 5% to 8% compared to other motor efficiencies.

Highly Eficlent Energy Saving Oll Dstibutin System

Patented high-efficiency oil and gas separator, special simplified design, aggregate separator core and oil return device, service life up to 6000 hours, oil filter, low pressure drop design, service life up to 4000 hours, high filtration accuracy Protect the bearing and the screw machine rotor.
The air filter does not change the direction of air flow, and directly passes through the filter medium to reduce pressure loss. It is more energy-efficient than traditional air filter, with large filtering area, higher precision and longer life.

Technical Parameters of Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Model Capacity Pressure Spssd Pipe Diameter Weight Noise Dimensions
m3/min bar rpm KGS Db(A) L*W*H mm
SGPM 37 11.02  3 3050 2" 920 67±2 1750*1200*1500
9.36  4 2600
8.24  5 2300
SGPM 45 10.80  4 3000 2" 950 67±2 1750*1200*1500
10.02  5 2800
SGPM 55 17.30  3 2600 2" 1150 67±2 1750*1200*1500
15.34  4 2300
13.31  5 2000
SGPM 75 23.01  3 3100 DN65 2850 70±2 2500*1600*1800
19.71  4 2940
17.97  5 2700
SGPM 90 22.14  4 3000 DN65 2950 70±2 2500*1600*1800
20.67  5 2800
SGPM 110 34.07  3 2400 DN100 3800 72±2 3000*1600*1900
29.48  4 2100
SGPM 132 39.83  3 3000 DN100 4000 72±2 3000*1600*1900
35.20  4 2800

Product Application

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.