Multiple reasons and solutions for water in compressed air

  • 2021-08-05
Multiple reasons and solutions for water in compressed air.

The high water content of the air compressor compressed air hazards

     The hazards caused by water in compressed air are mainly manifested in: the condensed water on the pneumatic equipment will take away the lubricating oil, causing the efficiency of the equipment to be reduced or even damaged. Condensate will also accelerate the wear of valves in the pipeline, causing malfunction or misoperation of pneumatic control equipment; rusting of pipelines and equipment. If water freezes at the low point of the pipeline, the pipeline may burst. If the compressed air used for spraying contains water mist, it will affect the adhesion of the paint on the workpiece and cause the painting to fail

Reason analysis and solution of compressed air with water

        Many enterprise users use dryers, but the use of dryers does not guarantee that the compressed air will no longer contain water. The following analysis combines some actual conditions to analyze the reasons and solutions for incomplete water removal by compressed air after the dryer.

1. 90% of the moisture in the compressed air is retained by the air storage tank. The Refrigerated Air Dryer and the non-heat regeneration dryer can only handle the remaining small amount of gaseous moisture. The air storage tank is the most important and most important compressed air drying and purification equipment.

2. However, the air storage tank can only separate liquid water. Only when the compressed air is cooled to below the pressure dew point of the corresponding pressure, can the air storage tank be used to separate the water, so the effect of after cooling has a great influence on the water content of the compressed air. .

3. The pressure dew point of the Refrigerated Air Dryer must be 10 degrees lower than the ambient temperature, but the best pressure dew point of the Refrigerated Air Dryer is 4 degrees, because at 4 degrees, who has the largest specific gravity is the easiest to separate, and will not cause ice jams .

4. In principle, the non-heat regenerative dryer can only process gaseous moisture, that is, water vapor. A large amount of liquid water entering the non-heat regenerative dryer will seriously affect the performance of the machine.

(1) The radiating fins are blocked by dust, etc., the compressed air is not cooled well, and the pressure dew point is increased, which will increase the difficulty of removing water from the post-processing equipment. Especially in spring, the air compressor cooler is often blocked by catkins.

Solution: Install filter sponge on the window of the air compressor station, and often blow soot to the cooler to ensure that the compressed air is cooled well; to ensure that the water is removed normally.

(2) The dewatering device of the screw air compressor-the air-water separator is faulty. If the air compressor adopts a cyclone separator, add a spiral baffle inside the cyclone separator to enhance the separation effect (at the same time increase the pressure drop). The disadvantage of this kind of separator is that its separation efficiency is higher at its rated throughput, and once it deviates from its separation efficiency, it will be worse, resulting in an increase in the dew point.

Solution: Check the air-water separator regularly, and deal with the failures such as blockage in time. If the air-water separator is not drained in summer when the air humidity is high, check and deal with it immediately.

(3) The amount of compressed air is large, which is beyond the design range. The pressure difference between the compressed air at the air compressor station and the user side is large, resulting in high airflow velocity, short contact time between compressed air and adsorbent, and uneven distribution in the dryer. The central flow is concentrated, so that the adsorbent in the middle part is saturated too quickly. The saturated adsorbent cannot effectively adsorb the moisture in the compressed air. The compressed air entrains a large amount of moisture and passes through the center, resulting in a "tunnel effect", resulting in gas consumption. There is a lot of liquid water at the end. In addition, the compressed air expands to the low-pressure end during the transportation process. The pressure is quickly reduced. At the same time, the temperature is lowered to be lower than its pressure dew point. Water vapor will be precipitated under supersaturation. The ice is solidified on the inner wall of the conveying pipeline, and the

The ice is getting thicker and thicker, and eventually the pipeline may be completely blocked.

Solution: Increase the flow of compressed air. The excess instrument air can be added to the process air, the instrument air is connected to the front end of the process air dryer, and the valve control is used to solve the problem of insufficient compressed air supply for the process. At the same time, it also solves the problem of compressed air suction in the dryer.

The problem of "tunneling" in the attached tower.

(4) The adsorption material used in the adsorption dryer is activated alumina. If its packing is not tight, it will rub and collide with each other under the impact of strong compressed air to cause pulverization. The pulverization will cause the adsorbent gap to become larger and larger. The compressed air passing through the gap is not effectively treated, which will eventually lead to the failure of the dryer. This problem is manifested in the scene as a large amount of liquid water and slurry in the dust filter.

Solution: When filling activated alumina, fill it as tightly as possible, and check and replenish it after using it for a period of time.


In short, after cooling and gas storage tanks are the most critical water removal equipment. Other drying equipment can only play the role of icing on the cake, and the drying focus of compressed air should not be placed on the purification equipment.

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