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    PSA oxygen production equipment (pressure swing adsorption oxygen production equipment) uses PSA special molecular sieve to selectively adsorb impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water in the air under normal temperature and pressure conditions to obtain high purity oxygen (93%± 2). Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of oxygen cylinder flushing, steelmaking boosting, blast furnace oxygen enrichment, pulp bleaching, glass furnace, wastewater treatment and other fields.
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    Oxygen Generator 10m3/h PSA Oxygen Generator High Purity Oxygen Plant Cost
    Our company specializes in designing and selling PSA oxygen generators. PSA oxygen generators can be widely used in steel cutting, oxygen-enriched combustion, hospital oxygen, glass production, papermaking and other industries and fields. Different users in different industries use different oxygen. Requirements, provide personalized and professional oxygen production equipment to fully meet the gas requirements of different users. Pressure swing adsorption oxygen production equipment (it has the advantages of low equipment cost, small size, light weight, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low operating cost, fast on-site oxygen production, convenient switching, and pollution-free). It can be suitable for steel cutting, rich Oxygen-assisted combustion, hospital oxygen, etc.) and cryogenic oxygen equipment (high purity of oxygen, long service life of the equipment, can produce nitrogen, oxygen, argon at the same time, suitable for oxygen station construction, hospital oxygen, smooth cutting of steel).
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