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    PSA Oxygen Generator Oxygen Making Machine Industrial
    psa oxygen generator based on the zeolite adsorbent by pressure adsorption, desorption antihypertensive principle of adsorbing and releasing nitrogen from air, thus separating oxygen automation equipment. Zeolite molecular sieve is processed by a special pore type treatment process. The spherical particle adsorbent with micropores on the surface and inside is white. Its pore type characteristics enable it to realize the kinetic separation of 02 and N2. The separation effect of zeolite molecular sieve on 02 and N2 is based on the small difference in the dynamic diameter of the two gases. N2 molecules have a faster diffusion rate in the micropores of zeolite molecular sieve, and O2 molecules have a slow diffusion rate. The diffusion of water and CO2 in compressed air is not much different from that of nitrogen. The final enrichment from the adsorption tower is oxygen molecules.
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    In Stock 20m3/h Medical PSA Oxygen Generator For Oxygen Filling Machine
    PSA oxygen generator is an automated equipment that separates oxygen by adsorbing and releasing nitrogen from the air through the principle of pressure adsorption, desorption, and pressure reduction based on zeolite adsorbents. Suitable for hospitals, oxygen bottle flushing, etc.
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    In Stock 50m3/h PSA Oxygen Generator Oxygen Plant Manufactur for Hospital
    The PSA oxygen production system is mainly composed of an air compressor, an activated carbon filter, an air cooler, an air buffer tank, an oxygen generator, and an oxygen compressor. After the raw material air passes through the suction filter to remove the dust particles, it is pressurized to 0.5Mpa by the air compressor, firstly, the activated carbon filter removes the small amount of oil entrained in the compressed air when the air compressor is just turned on, and then is condensed by the air cooler In addition to water, it enters an adsorber of the oxygen generator. The adsorber is filled with adsorbent, in which moisture, carbon dioxide and a small amount of other gas components are adsorbed by the activated alumina at the bottom of the adsorber, and then nitrogen is adsorbed by the molecular sieve filled on the upper part of the activated alumina. The oxygen is a non-adsorbed component and is discharged as product gas from the top outlet of the adsorber to the oxygen balance tank for storage. Suitable for hospitals, oxygen cylinder flushing, etc.
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