Safety Operating Regulations for Screw Air Compressor

  • 2021-11-18

Safety Operating Regulations for Screw Air Compressor

Equipment safety precautions

1. Only when the power supply has been cut off and the compressed air in the entire compressor system has been vented (the pressure in the unit is equal to the atmospheric pressure) can the unit be overhauled or maintained.

2. Turn on the compressor power supply for a very short time (jogging in about 1 second) before starting to check whether the rotation direction of the compressor is correct, otherwise the screw group of the compressor can be caused in just a few minutes damage.

3. Ensure that pure gas is inhaled during the operation of the machine, and there is no flammable, explosive, or toxic gas.

4. Before the unit is running, it must be ensured that all joints and accessories are firm and firm.

5. Do not loosen or remove any accessories, joints and devices during operation, so as to avoid serious injury accidents.

6. Safety devices such as air switches and fuses must be installed on the compressor power supply line to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment. Be sure to follow the safety regulations of relevant departments and connect appropriate grounding wires.

7. The compressor cannot work above the discharge pressure specified on the nameplate, otherwise the motor will be overloaded and the unit will stop.

8. The safety valve is installed on the oil and gas separator. When the gas pressure in the system exceeds the set pressure, the safety valve will act. At this time, the cause of the overpressure should be checked and the fault should be eliminated.

9. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the compressor and auxiliary equipment.

10. This compressor cannot be used directly as equipment for producing breathing air. To meet the breathing standard, the compressed air should be purified and treated. Other gas equipment needs additional safety measures. Use compressed air for applications not mentioned in this manual. Pay more attention.

11. When the unit is running, the box door should be closed. It can be opened for a short time only during inspection, but you should pay attention to the damage of moving parts and high-temperature parts to the human body, and wear protective earmuffs. Do not throw leftovers on or inside the unit.

12. The pressure vessel shall not be repaired by welding, and the open flame light source shall not be used to inspect the machine or the inside of the pressure vessel.

13. Ensure that the sound insulation material on the compressor is complete.

Operation precautions

First start

a. Turn on the power first and observe whether there is a phase sequence protection indication on the text display. If it does not display, it means that it is normal and then press the 0N key to jog. For safety, check whether the rotation direction is correct (consistent with the direction of the arrow). If it is correct, you can clearly feel that there is suction at the inlet of the air filter (be careful with a finger), otherwise the steering is wrong, you should cut off the power supply, and exchange any two of the two power cords. Remember that the motor is strictly forbidden to reverse.

b. Connect the 0N button, start the operation, and the compressor can run in the set mode. At this time, observe whether the instrument and indicator light are normal, whether the pressure and 1 temperature are normal, whether there is abnormal sound, and whether there is oil leakage. If any, stop and check immediately.

c. Stop and press the OFF button, and the unit will stop after the delayed unloading. It is normal not to stop immediately.

Note: Only when there is a special abnormal situation, you can manually press the "Emergency Stop" button to perform an emergency stop. If you need to restart after troubleshooting, you must directly until the system pressure is unloaded after 2-3 minutes. Remember: the parameter settings of the unit have been set before leaving the factory. If you need to change it under special circumstances, you need to contact our company, otherwise serious consequences will occur at your own risk.

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