Screw Air Compressor Noise Control Method

  • 2021-09-01

Screw Air Compressor Noise Control Method

The noise of the screw air compressor mainly comes from the air inlet and outlet, the body itself, the mechanism design, and the motor. The noise caused by these four aspects can be dealt with to reduce the noise of the air compressor.

The inlet and outlet of the air compressor can be equipped with corresponding mufflers to appropriately reduce noise.

The body and shell can increase the sound insulation cover (such as the combination of sheet metal cover and sound-absorbing cotton) the mechanical noise and motor noise of the low air compressor.

Shock-absorbing base. Put a layer of soft and thick stuff on the base of the air compressor, which can also reduce vibration and noise to a certain extent.

Check the fan blades. Damaged fan blades or slight collision and friction with the fan cover will cause noise.

Increase or replace the lubricating oil to reduce the direct friction of the equipment.

Soft start, no need to load and unload operation, much less noise than ordinary industrial frequency machine operation.

The inlet and outlet hoses are connected, and the structure of the whole machine is rationally designed to reduce the source of vibration.

Replace or select oil-cooled motor.

Permanent magnet variable frequency motor noise control, independent control of motor fan speed.

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