Screw Air Compressor Preparation Before Start

  • 2021-06-18

Screw air compressor preparation before start

  1. Check whether the machine circuit is normal; check whether the oil level is within the normal range;
  2. The water-cooled unit opens the cooling water circulation system and tests whether the circulation system is operating normally;
  3. Add a small amount of clean engine oil from the air inlet and crank the car manually (belt and direct-on-line type);
  4. Power on and check whether the three-phase power supply is normal. If there is a refrigerated dryer, start the refrigerated dryer first;
  5. It is not too short to shut down (one week to two weeks), and it is not a big problem without the intake valve refueling. When starting up, check whether the exhaust valve is open

Precautions during operation

  1. After the air compressor is in normal operation, the inspection personnel of the compression workshop should conduct a comprehensive inspection regularly, and there will be no less than 1 round inspection per hour.
  2. The exhaust temperature must be between 75°C and 95°C during operation to avoid the precipitation of condensate and oil.
  3. Confirm that the pressure gauge and oil level gauge indicate normal, and the oil level must be kept in the middle of the two red lines during operation.
  4. Whether various protection devices are working normally.
  5. After the initial startup and after the motor is maintained, the operating direction of the compressor must be confirmed.
  6. Emergency parking is strictly prohibited in non-emergency situations.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to mix lubricating oils of different brands.

The phenomenon of having to stop for maintenance

When the screw air compressor has one of the following conditions in normal operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection and repair.

  1. The safety protection device operates automatically, causing a stop.
  2. The temperature of the motor is too high due to the failure of the cooling fan to operate normally.
  3. The motor ammeter indicates that the limit is exceeded or the electrical equipment is stabbed or burnt.
  4. The safety valve operates or the pressure regulator fails.
  5. The compressor and motor have abnormal noise or vibration.
  6. Severe oil or gas leakage from the oil and gas barrel of the compressor.

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