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Silent Aircompressors Oilless Oil Free Belt Driven Scroll Air Compressor for Sale

Silent Aircompressors Oilless Oil Free Belt Driven Scroll Air Compressor for Sale

oil-free scroll compressor, because there is no metal contact between the compressed scrolls and there is no need for oil lubrication in the compressed chamber, fundamentally guarantees high quality oil-free compressed air.

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Silent Aircompressors Oilless Oil Free Belt Driven Scroll Air Compressor for Sale

Product Features:

1.High quanlity oild free compressed air.
2.High efficiency oil free scroll airend.
3.Low Energy Consumption,Low running,maintenance cost.
4.Aptitude and intelligent Control, integrated touch-screen PLC displayer.
5.Unique safe units make whole compressor more safety, more stable,lest noise,lest energy Loss.

6.Easy to install,operate,maintain.

Product Parameters:

Technical parameters of scroll oil-free air compressor

Model Capacity Pressure Motor power QTY of air end  QTY of motor Diemensions Weight Diameter of air outlet pipe Inner air tank Outside air tank
  m3/min Mpa kW hp PCS PCS mm KGS inch L L
D04/08-A1 0.3 0.8 3.0  4.0  04*1 1 760*690*820 200  3/4 5     /
D04/08-A4 0.4/0.3 0.8/1.0 3.7 5 04*1 1 760*690*820 200  3/4 5     /
D04/08-J3 0.4/0.3 0.8/1.0 3.7 5 04*1 1 1400*780*1485 450  3/4 / 200    
Q08/08-S1 0.8 0.8 7.5 10 04*2 2 1400*700*1200 400 1 1/2 24     /
Q08/08-S1 0.8 0.8 7.5 10 04*2 2 1400*780*1485 450 1 1/2   /
D06/08-A4 0.6/0.4 0.8/1.0 5.5 7 0.6*1 1 760*690*820 200  3/4 5     /
D06/08-J3 0.6/0.4 0.8/1.0 5.5 7 0.6*1 1 1400*780*1485 450  3/4 / 200    
Z12/08-S1 1.2/0.8 0.8/1.0 11 15 0.6*2 2 1400*700*1200 350 1 1/2 24     /
D06/08-J5 0.6 0.8 5.5 7 0.6*1 1 1400*780*1485 450 1 1/2   /
Z12/08-J5 1.2 0.8 11 15 0.6*2 2 1400*780*1485 500 1 1/2   /
Z18/08-S1 1.8/1.5 0.8/1.0 16.5 22 0.6*3 3 1400*700*1670 500 1 1/2 24     /
Z24/08-S1 2.4/2.0 0.8/1.0 22 30 0.6*4 4 1400*1550*1200 800 1 1/2 24*2 /
Z30/08-S1 3.0/2.4 0.8/1.0 27.5 37 0.6*5 5 1400*1550*1670 1080 1 1/2 / /
Z36/08-S1 3.6/3.0 0.8/1.0 33 45 0.6*6 6 1400*1550*1670 1200 1 1/2 / /
Z42/08-S1 4.2/3.6 0.8/1.0 38.5 52 0.6*7 7 2220*1450*1740 1400 1 1/2 / /
Z48/08-S1 4.8/4.0 0.8/1.0 44 59 0.6*8 8 2220*1450*1750 1520 1 1/2 / /
Z54/08-S1 5.4/4.5 0.8/1.0 49.5 67 0.6*9 9 2220*1450*1750 1650 1 1/2 / /

Company Information:

       Fuzhou Tuowei Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 2010, is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, sale and service of air compressor, screw air compressor, air dryer, filters, oxygen generator, nitrogen generator and wet spray manipulator.
      Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction by supplying air and gas. Tuowei company not only has its own import and export right and stable distributors worldwide, but also has a team of professional after sales and service. In addition, we have obtained CE, TUV, SGS, ISO certificates.


Q1:  What trade terms do we provide? What kind of settlement currency do
A1: Trade term: CIF, CFR, FOB etc...Works As far Our business traded in Dollars, Euros and RMB.
Q2: How long is our delivery? 
A2: Our standard delivery time is 7-30 days after confirmation order & receiving recipets for standard compressors, for the other non standard requirement will be discussed case by case.
Q3: What is the voltage of the compressor? 
A3:The available voltage include 380V/50HZ/3Phase,400V/50HZ/3P415V/50HZ/3Ph etc...At the same time we provide other voltage according to customer requirement.
Q4: Can our compressor run in high temperature environment? What is the working temperature range for our machine? 
A4;Yes, Work temperature range :1-45℃(33.8F-113F)
Q5: What's the min Order requirement? 
A5:Order requirement is 1PCS.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.