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Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Diesel Drive Concrete Pump Machine

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump Diesel Drive Concrete Pump Machine

Uses of secondary structural column pump: used in high-rise building mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structural column grouting, various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports, and wharves, foundation treatment, weak foundations, reinforcement grouting, Backfill grouting bolt support in tunnel, subway and mine construction. Secondary structural column irrigation, as well as slope spray-anchor support. Relying on its powerful functions and wide range of uses.

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Features of AIVYTER concrete pump

1.Simple structure and convenient maintenance (Classic Zhonglian Open System) 2.Good material suction and strong adaptability (material suction is comparable to ram pump) 3.Good portable, multi-hole slope modification with one machine (self-contained chassis, free walking, high efficiency, reducing damage caused by forklift towing) 4.The accessories are cheap and the consumables are less. (Including S valve pump wearing parts and lubricating oil) Cost-effective reference Displacement of tunnel concrete pump 224/Displacement of" three one" Ram pump 190 Tunnel concrete pump cylinder diameter 230mm/" three one"Ram pump 200mm Tunnel concrete pump cylinder diameter 125mm/" three one " Ram pump 100mm Tunnel concrete pump outlet pressure 13MP/ "three one" Ram pump 8MP 8 places of lubricating oil loss in the tunnel concrete pump / 16 places of "three one " Ram pump Full hydraulic outrigger for tunnel concrete pump/Ordinary outrigger of "three one" Ram pump The maximum speed of tunnel concrete pump is 80km, and the "three one" is towed for 8 km, which is convenient, fast and labor-saving

Parameter name



Maximum theoretical concrete delivery volume



Maximum pumping concrete pressure



Hydraulic system

Double pump double circuit open system


Hydraulic system pressure



Motor Power



Distribution valve form

S valve


Concrete conveying cylinder diameter piece stroke



Hopper volume



Loading height



Maximum theoretical vertical conveying distance



Maximum theoretical horizontal conveying distance






Total Weight



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