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Two-stage Oil Lubricated Electric Energy Saving Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Two-stage Oil Lubricated Electric Energy Saving Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Two stage screw air compressor in the main parts with double screw,the compression process by the first stage screw and second screw through grading series compression.
Double screw air compressor in addition to uphold twin-screw compressor has the advantages of simple structure,flexible installation and high efficiency.

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Advantage of two stage screw air compressor 
Air End
Double stage compression compared to  single-stage compression,the two compression tends to the most provincial power of the isothermal compression,from the principle,the single-stage compression of the two compression energy saving 10~20%.

The use of energy-efficient motor,F grade insulation grade,high protection motor,with imported SKF bearings.Control panelLCD HD touch monitor,PLC control .
Can display multi line operation parameters,historical records
Simple operation,inquiry ,convenient maintenance.

Low noise design
Selection of large diameter,low speed of the low noise fan: provide large air quantity can effectively reduce the fan noise.

Totally enclosed mute type design,Using the latest high-quality sound insulation cotton,accord with international working noise standard.

Two-stage compression screw air compressor technology

1. Hierarchical compression to save compression work
Through the two-stage series process, the original single-stage compression process is divided into two compression processes. Such a process setting can reduce the ratio of each single-stage compression process, which can effectively reduce the compression and compression of each stage screw. Required drive power.
In the process of ideal gas compression, the sum of the power required for single-stage pressure transmission and the power required for multi-stage compression is equal, but in the actual compression process, due to a series of factors such as the transmission power loss of the coupling, the friction coefficient of the bearing and the viscosity of the coolant With the increase of the applied force, the useless power exceeding the same ratio is generated, so the useless power in the actual compression process can be reduced by reducing the compression ratio of each stage, so that the sum of the power required for multi-stage compression is less than that of single-stage compression Required power.
2. The intermediate warm oil cools and reduces the temperature of the gas entering the next stage. All the gas compression process is actually the process of the friction between the gas and the moving parts and being compressed by it.
In the presence of friction, the gas will rise in temperature due to friction, and there will inevitably be a trend of shadow accounts. This part of energy will be released in the form of force in the fixed volume of air compression by increasing its own pressure.
The temperature rise of the gas increases the pressure of the gas itself during the compression process and increases the compression ratio. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extra power to drive the equipment to shrink the air to the desired pressure value. Therefore, the two-stage screw compressor is provided with a coolant injection curtain device.


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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.