What impact will the screw air compressor have if it is not maintained on time?

  • 2021-12-29

The result of not maintaining the screw air compressor on time:

1. Unscheduled dust blowing and replacement of the air filter element may cause: the air filter element is blocked, the air intake volume decreases, and the exhaust volume also decreases. Unscheduled replacement will cause the negative pressure to increase , pollutants enter the machine, block the oil filter, oil separation core, deterioration of cooling lubricating oil, and wear of the main machine.


2. The oil filter is replaced irregularly: as the front and rear pressure difference increases, the excess oil decreases, and the main engine exhaust temperature rises and shuts down. If the front and rear pressure difference is too large and breakdown, pollutants enter the machine and block the oil separation core. Wear.


3. The oil separation core is not replaced: as the pressure difference between the front and rear increases, the current of the main motor increases, and the exhaust volume decreases. If the front and rear pressure difference is too large and breakdown, the cooling lubricating oil will enter the pipeline with the air until it runs out, and the main engine will stop when the exhaust temperature rises.


4. The oil pipe joints are not cleaned up: if it is blocked, a small part of the oil will enter the pipe with the air after separation, resulting in a large oil loss and a shortage of oil.


5. Grease the main motor bearing from time to time: the bearing is worn out until the main motor burns out. .

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