What Is the Difference Between an Oil free Scroll Air Compressor and an Oil free Screw Air Compressor?

  • 2021-06-02

1. Working principle

   Scroll air compressor is a moving scroll that rotates around the center of the base circle of the static scroll, and the two mesh with each other to realize the process of suction, compression and exhaust.

   Oil Free Screw air compressor air volume change is by means cogging of male and female rotors in parallel with each other within the housing and engaged to achieve the purpose of the compressed air

2. Comparison of Advantages

Scroll Air Compressor:

Oil-free: Through the control of machining precision and the use of special wear-resistant sealing rings, the dynamic and static disks are guaranteed to be frictionless, and truly oil-free, reaching CLASS0
Mute: There are no suction and exhaust valves and complex motion mechanisms, which eliminates the knocking sound of the valve plate and the blasting sound of the air flow, so that the noise is sharply reduced. Continuous and stable suction and exhaust
Stability: There are fewer host parts and fewer wearing parts, which greatly reduces the possibility of parts replacement. At the same time, the replacement period of spare parts is long, the maintenance workload is small, and the maintenance cost is low.
Easy to use: ready to use

Oil Free Screw Air Compressor:

Good dynamic balance: There is no unbalanced inertial force, the machine can work steadily and at high speed, and realize no foundation operation
Strong adaptability: large displacement of single head and wide adaptability

3. Application comparison

Scroll air compressors are mainly used in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, wineries, laboratories and other places with high requirements for noise and vibration. This is directly related to the silent and oil-free characteristics of the scroll machine. relationship.

Screw type air compressors are widely used in many industrial fields such as machinery, metallurgy, electronic power, chemical industry, mining, textile, transportation and so on.

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