What should be paid attention to during the installation of the air compressor system?

  • 2021-07-28

What should be paid attention to during the installation of the air compressor system?

1. Choice of installation site

      The selection of the air compressor installation site is most likely to be neglected by the staff. Often after the air compressor is purchased, it is randomly found to be used immediately after piping, and there is no prior planning at all. Little did they know that such a sloppy result has resulted in frequent failures of air compressors, difficult maintenance and poor air quality in the future, so a proper installation place is a prerequisite for the correct use of the air compressor system.

 (1) Choose a wide place with good lighting to facilitate the space and lighting required for operation, maintenance and repair.

(2) Dry environment: The place where the computer room is located should be kept dry, well ventilated, with little dust, and fresh air. Try to avoid dusty, oily, and humid environments to reduce damage to the screw air compressor and extend its service life. Furthermore, the screw air compressor should not be allowed to inhale corrosive gases, paint molecules, and gases containing explosive or unstable chemical composition or steam, so as not to endanger the air compressor users or cause rapid damage to the unit.

(3) In the screw air compressor room, attention should be paid to keeping the ground clean and free of debris, especially inflammable and explosive products, and should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other facilities to ensure the safety of the room.

(4) The heating temperature in the machine room of the compressed air station should not be lower than 15°C, and the temperature in the machine room during non-working hours should not be lower than 5°C. When the air compressor suction port or the cooling air suction port of the unit is set indoors, the indoor ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C.

(5) The pressure pipeline is strictly prohibited from bumping: the pressure pipeline in the screw air compressor room is strictly prohibited from bumping, and it is strictly prohibited to disassemble and install under the condition of electrification and pressure.

(6) If the factory environment is poor and dusty, pre-filtering equipment must be installed to ensure the service life of the air compressor system parts.

(7) Don't stick to the wall. The placement of the air compressor should be careful not to close to the wall, and a certain distance should be reserved to ensure a certain amount of ventilation and maintenance space, which is also conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the air compressor. The width of the passage between the air compressor unit and the wall is a distance of 0.8-1.5m according to the displacement.


2. Matters needing attention in compressed air pipeline piping

 (1) When piping the main pipeline, the pipeline must have an inclination of 1°~2° to facilitate the discharge of condensate in the pipeline.

(2) The branch pipeline must be connected from the top of the main pipe to prevent the condensed water in the main pipe from flowing into the working machinery or returning to the air compressor.

(3) Do not reduce or enlarge the pipeline arbitrarily. The pipeline needs to use a reducer. If the reducer is not used, there will be turbulence at the joints, which will lead to a large pressure drop. The life span also has an adverse effect.

(4) If there are purification buffer equipment such as air storage tank and dryer after the air compressor, the ideal piping sequence should be air compressor + air storage tank + dryer. The gas storage tank can filter out part of the condensed water and also has the function of reducing the gas temperature. Introducing the compressed air with lower temperature and less water content into the dryer can reduce the load of the dryer.

(5) If the amount of air used is large and the time is short, it is best to install an additional air tank as a buffer, which can reduce the number of times the air compressor is loaded and discharged, and has a great impact on the service life of the air compressor. benefit.

(6) Minimize the use of elbows and various valves in the pipeline.


3. The basis of air compressor

       The foundation of the air compressor should be built on hard soil, and the horizontal surface of the foundation should be smoothed before installation to avoid vibration. If it is installed upstairs, anti-vibration measures must be taken, otherwise the vibration will be transmitted downstairs or resonance will occur, which will easily cause harm to the air compressor and the building. Generally, the vibration speed value of screw air compressor is below 11.2mm/s (belt drive) and 7.1 mm/s (coupling drive), no special treatment is required, and a height of about 120mm can be built, and the length and width are slightly larger than the air compressor. The platform foundation of the bottom area of the machine is conducive to sewage discharge.


4. Power System  

     When powering the air compressor, ensure the correctness of the power supply voltage. According to the power of the air compressor used, select the correct power cord wire diameter. Do not use a small power cord, otherwise the power cord will be burned due to high load and high temperature. The power cord must use a multi-strand copper core cable, and one phase of the three-phase four-wire system is the grounding wire. The air compressor is best to use a set of power system alone, especially avoid using it in parallel with other large power consumption systems, otherwise it may cause the main motor of the air compressor to overload and stop due to excessive voltage drop or unbalanced three-phase current. , Special attention must be paid to high-power air compressors. And the power supply network load should be uniform, the voltage fluctuation should be within ±5%, and the three-phase voltage unbalance should be allowed within ±1%. There should be no connection point between the power supply cable from the power distribution cabinet to the air compressor. Select the appropriate air switch according to the power of the air compressor to maintain the safety of the power system and maintenance. The grounding wire of the power system should be erected, and the grounding wire should not be directly connected to the compressed air delivery pipe or the cooling water pipe.

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