When Planning a Compressor Room, Should I Choose One Large Screw Air Compressor or Multiple Small Screw Air Compressors?

  • 2021-06-10
Screw air compressors are used as the source of production. Manufacturing companies are divided into low and peak seasons. In order not to affect the output during the peak season, the required equipment will also be prepared and perfected in advance. Many companies choose a spare machine when they use an air compressor.

When planning a new air compressor room, should I choose one large screw air compressor or multiple small screw air compressors? It is recommended that you consider the following aspects:

  1. What costs will be incurred due to the shutdown of the screw air compressor?
  2. Will you consider adding more gas equipment in the next few years?
  3. Does the factory need gas for 24 hours? Is there any difference in gas demand for production shifts?
  4. If a spare machine is added, will the installation site be sufficient?

A:The situation where a spare screw air compressor must be added.

  • If the manufacturing front-end process requirements are very strict and the air supply is not allowed to be interrupted, a spare air compressor must be available;
  • Continuous gas industry, such as: foam, die-casting, mold, plastic industry, enterprises that need to continuously start production 24 hours a day, or the annual start-up time is more than 8000 hours;
  • Continuous large-scale production, or industries where the direct losses caused by equipment downtime are very large (such as glass furnaces, steelmaking furnaces);
  • Such as work stoppage, the indirect loss is huge, such as lost orders, and the industry that delays the construction period is huge compensation;
  • In the future, the demand for consumption will continue to increase, and a certain amount of gas reserve may be considered;

B:Selection of spare screw air compressor.

     The required volume flow is divided into two. Once a compressor stops unexpectedly, another 50% of the flow is available for emergency use to supply gas to the most important production department.
     If continuous production is of utmost importance, consider three compressors each with 50% air supply. In this way, there is always one spare machine, and there is no fear of the loss caused by the failure of the air compressor.

C:Maintenance items of spare screw air compressor.

For companies that have added spare machines, they should stop operating the excess air compressors during the off-season to save electricity bills. And when multiple air compressors are running in parallel, they must be switched to run regularly. For air compressors in a humid working environment, switching operation is beneficial to drain the moisture in the lubricating oil; if the air compressor is out of service for a long time (such as about a month), the oil particles on the oil filter element or the oil and gas separator filter element will dry up. Blocking the filter holes of the filter element fiber; shortening the service life of the filter element; long-term shutdown of the motor rotor without lubricating oil for a long time, making this part of the rotor contact with moist air and easy to rust; prolonged shutdown will also cause grease accumulation in the air compressor pipeline or main engine , So that the air compressor is forced to overhaul.

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