Which is better, water-cooled screw air compressor or air-cooled screw air compressor?

  • 2021-11-03

Which is better, water-cooled screw air compressor or air-cooled screw air compressor?

       There are generally two types of cooling methods for air compressors: water-cooled and air-cooled. It's hard to say which one is better or worse, you can only say what environment it is used in:

The advantages and disadvantages of water-cooled screw air compressors are as follows:
      1. Since the cooling water has a certain cleaning effect, it can clean the inside of the equipment when it flows inside the air compressor. Help extend the maintenance and cleaning cycle of equipment and improve the quality of compressed gas;
      2. The water-cooler screw air compressors has good adaptability to climate change, increasing or decreasing the water pressure can adapt to the strong change of temperature;
     3. In dusty environments, such as textiles, spraying, carbon black, titanium dioxide and other industries, water coolers are more reliable;
     4. The oil side of the cooler of the water-cooled machine is easy to clean, and the air-cooled machine cannot do it.

     1. Restricted by water resources, the scope of application is relatively narrow;
     2. The cooling water may contain calcium and magnesium plasma, and these things are prone to chemical reactions due to high temperature in the cooler, and then form scale in the cooler, which affects the cooling efficiency of the cooler.

The advantages and disadvantages of air-cooled screw air compressors are as follows:

       The big advantage of the air-cooled cooling method is that it is not affected by environmental factors and can basically be used in any area.

      1. If the surrounding air quality is not good, it is easy to pollute the entire air compressor and compressed air. Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, it is recommended to load filter equipment;
      2. If it is used in a closed space, it is recommended to install air inlet and exhaust equipment;
      3. The cooling effect and quality are not as good as water-cooled.
      If it is not in a particularly water-scarce environment, it is recommended that the water-cooled type is preferred. Because the air-cooled type has a simple structure and low investment, but due to limited conditions, the heat dissipation effect is poor, and it is mostly used in small air compressors. Although the water-cooled type has a complex structure and high technical requirements, it has a significant heat dissipation effect, is easy to adjust, and works reliably. Therefore, large and medium-sized air compressors are mostly water-cooled.

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