Why can't the compressed air discharged from the air compressor be used directly?

  • 2021-09-08

Why can't the compressed air discharged from the air compressor be used directly?

1 Why can't the compressed gas discharged from the air compressor be used directly?

Air is compressible. The volume of the air itself is reduced by the air compressor, and the air whose pressure is increased is called compressed air.

The compressed air directly discharged from the exhaust port of the air compressor has the following characteristics:

In the air, air that contains a certain amount of water vapor is called moist air, and air that does not contain water vapor is called dry air. The air around us is humid air. At a certain altitude, the composition and proportion of dry air are basically stable, and it has no special significance to the thermal performance of the entire moist air. Although the water vapor content in moist air is not large, the change in the content has an effect on the wet air. The physical properties have a great influence. The amount of water vapor determines the dryness and humidity of the air.

After the humid air is compressed, the water vapor density increases and the temperature also rises. When the compressed air is cooled, the relative humidity increases. When the temperature continues to drop to a relative humidity of 100%, water droplets are precipitated from the compressed air. The temperature at this time is the "pressure dew point" of the compressed air.

Oil in the air, including oil stains and oil vapor

The oil in the air is lubricated because the air comes into contact with the oil during the compression process, and the compressor contains oil. Even after the oil mist separator is separated, the oil will not be completely removed. The oil content is controlled between 3ppm-6ppm.

Various solid substances

Such as rust mud, metal powder, rubber fines, tar particles and filter materials, fines of sealing materials, etc., in addition to a variety of harmful chemical odor substances.


2 Why should the compressed air be dewatered, dried, purified and filtered?

1. The quality of compressed air directly affects the quality of products, especially for industries such as medicine, food, precision electronics, and textiles.

2. The filtration accuracy of general machinery and general pneumatic circuits is <40μm; the filtration accuracy of logic components, jet components, air motors, etc. is <10μm; the filtration accuracy of food, medicine, electronics, air bearings, etc. is <5μm. Unpurified compressed air is detrimental to equipment use and product production.

3. It has a great impact on the service life of solenoid valves, cylinders and other equipment with sealing elements), and the losses caused by this often greatly exceed the cost and maintenance costs of the air source treatment device.

4. If the untreated valve is blocked, it will corrode the pipeline and cause the air leakage of the air compressor. If the air compressor equipment is overwhelmed in the long run, it will cause damage and cause production stagnation. If you come to repair and maintain the air compressor at this time It will correspondingly increase the maintenance cost, and the product will be scrapped in serious cases.

5. Under various hidden dangers, the health and safety of contact persons will be correspondingly threatened, and the production and working environment will be affected. Therefore, it is not recommended to directly use the compressed air discharged from the air compressor. The compressed air must be dewatered, dried, purified and filtered.


3 What is a complete air source treatment system?


A system composed of equipment that generates, processes and stores compressed air is called an air source system. A typical air supply system usually consists of the following parts:

Air compressors, rear coolers, filters, air storage tanks, dryers (refrigerated or adsorption type), automatic drains, gas pipelines, pipeline valves, instruments, etc. The above-mentioned equipment is combined into a complete gas source system according to the different needs of the technological process.

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