Why do you need a spare air compressor?

  • 2021-11-25

Why do you need a spare air compressor?

Air compressors are used as the source of production power, and many companies choose a spare machine when they use air compressors.

A spare air compressor is essential

The answer is simple: if your business relies heavily on compressed air to operate, production will stop, resulting in production losses, possible production line losses, and costly downtime. Remember that compressed air service technicians can take a long time to complete the repair! If there is no spare air compressor that can be used immediately, the time, money, and productivity lost between the unexpected shutdown and the resumption of operation can be extremely detrimental to the bottom line of the company.

Unfortunately, even the best equipment can fail. This means that it is absolutely vital to have a compressor system with a backup air compressor. Having a spare air compressor means that maintenance can be carried out at almost any point in time, not after get off work or when there is no production on holidays or weekends!

Load sharing. This allows the air compressors to cycle the average operating time of each air compressor. Simple control can evenly distribute the running time, so that each machine can more effectively allocate work and maintenance cycles to your business, while still protecting the production uptime.

So, in summary, the reasons why you need a spare air compressor are:

Minimize any negative impact on production caused by unplanned downtime.

Arrange maintenance of the main air compressor at any time.

Use load sharing to simultaneously use the main air compressor and the backup air compressor in your application

The situation where a spare machine must be added

  1. If the manufacturing front-end process requirements are very strict and the air supply is not allowed to be interrupted, there must be a spare air compressor;
  2. Continuous gas industry, such as: foam, die-casting, mold, plastic industry, companies that need to continuously start production 24 hours a day, or more than 8,000 hours of start-up time per year;
  3. Continuous large-scale production, or industries where the direct losses caused by equipment shutdown are very large (such as glass furnaces, steelmaking furnaces);
  4. If there is a huge indirect loss due to work stoppage, such as lost orders, industries with huge compensation for delays in construction period;
  5. The future consumption demand will continue to increase, and a certain amount of gas reserve may be considered;

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